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19 Times Pets Perfectly Captured Peak Quarantine Feels

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It’s no secret having a pet comes with many benefits. They can brighten your day with their funny antics or warm snuggles when you’re craving some affection. They can be your guide and assistant as a service animal or provide emotional support when you’re struggling with your mental health.

While all of this was true about our pets — cats, dogs, rabbits, frogs, sugar gliders — before COVID-19 and quarantine, pets may be playing an even bigger world in our everyday lives. They’re helpfully adding their two cents to an important work memo by wandering across your computer keyboard or making an appearance in all your Zoom meetings. But nobody’s mad about it, and honestly, that may be just what we need right now.

Pets provide a reflection of our inner world, whether it’s what we’re really feeling or perhaps a judgemental glance that suggests what we “should” be doing but aren’t. Regardless, our furry (and other-skinned!) pets can be a great source of comfort and humor during quarantine. With that in mind, we asked The Mighty’s community to share their pets’ quarantine moods.

Here’s what they shared:

1. “Potato’s quarantine mood = pathetic.” — Veronica V.

Potato the golden doodle laying on the floor with a blue donut around his neck

2. “We’re bored Mom.” — Sheila S.

Three little dogs laying on top of their human's legs

3. “Waiting for the next delivery from USPS, UPS or FedEx because they might have something for me.” — Tamasvi G.

A black, white and golden dog sitting at attention

4. “He helps me watch what I eat…” — Heather S.

A brown and white dog with his nose up against his human's plate, which as half a bagel on it

5. “It’s not bothering Bella at all. Relaxed as always.” — Jessica N.

A big, white fluffy dog laying on its back with its feet splayed and eyes closed

6. “‘I just wish the humans would go back to work.'” — Adrianna W.

A gray cat curled up (face hidden) on the top of a cat tree

7. “Rupert the Yorkshire Terrier is doing quarantine right! Casually napping in the daytime on the finest PJs in the house with a hoodie cozily covering him. If only we could all be so relaxed!” — Courtney N.

A gray and brown Yorkshire terrier laying on his human's lap

8. “’I love having my mommy work from home every day!! I is a great helper sitting on the computer!!’ My kitty Mushu.” — Jenna L.

Close-up of a gay and white cat sitting on the edge of the computer keyboard, blocking the computer screen

9. “Less than enthused.” — Alexandria O.

A green and brown spotted frog sitting in dirt

10. “You don’t have to work… Do you? Pay attention to me!!!” — Lisa P.

A long-haired brown tabby cat sitting on her human's keyboard in front of the computer monitor

11. Submitted by Alisha D.

The face of a black, white and brown dog fast asleep, his face smushed and teeth poking out

12. “When Reese realized I was, yet again, staying home for the day.” — Barbara K.

A black and brown dog lying on the bed, smiling up at the camera

13. “‘Fine, we’ll go outside if you won’t!’ (One did stay inside with me.)” — Heather M.

Three cats sitting on an outdoor catio, looking out into the yard

14. “Painful day quarantine mood…” — Stacey B.

Beagle's head resting on red blanket covering human, asleep

15. “Mimsy doesn’t care for it.” — Christiana C.

A white cat with a gray and orange face and gray paws looking annoyed

16. “Lu dog just likes to hang out with the kiddos!” Kitti S.

A big brown dog hanging out by a baby in a walking toy

17. “All the snuggles!” — Monica Y.

A tan rabbit sitting on the floor while its human pets his head

18. “Grumpy Caturday foot warmer, aka Baby! At almost 20 lbs (Norwegian Forrest cat), she’s very good at her profession.” — Summer G.

Black Norwegian Forrest cat sitting on her humans legs on a green blanket on the couch

19. “Pet expert supervising the creation of this post.” — Renée F.

Orange tabby cat curled up between his human and the computer, looking at the computer screen

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Originally published: May 11, 2020
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