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25 Hilarious (and Sweet) Photos That Show What Parenting During COVID-19 Is Really Like

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Editor's Note

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If you are parenting right now during the COVID-19 pandemic, know that you deserve a round of applause.

It’s OK if you are struggling to work full-time remotely while also occupying your little ones at home. Some of you may have been laid off, and are navigating unprecedented financial stress that directly affects your family. Some of you have kids with disabilities or complex medical needs and are used to having a whole team of support to help you.

Globally, we are living through a really difficult moment. It’s more than OK if you aren’t able to be the parent you want to be right now. Keep doing the best you can — it’s more than enough!

Even in the midst of the stress and difficulty, being a parent during COVID-19 can be a joyful time too. We wanted to know what parenting in the time of COVID-19 really looks like (humor, mess, stress and all!), so we asked our Mighty parenting community to share their photos with us. We hope their photos bring a smile to your face today.

Here’s what they shared:

1. Submitted by Sarah W. Little boy wearing hockey mask

2. The struggle is real!” — Sarah A.

Little boy avoiding homework by hiding his face in shirt

2. The state of her hair is how I feel most days… a jumbled mess!” — Heather G.

Young girl with Down syndrome looking at knotted hair in the mirror

3. Submitted by Jeff G.

Boy with disability learning to play piano on zoom call with teacher

4. My 3-year-old has separation anxiety and is very much a mama’s girl. When I’m in the other room working, she has a very hard time understanding why I’m not with her. I made this sign so she knows Mom is in this room, Mom is safe and Mom loves her always.” — Kayla H.

"Mom is working" sign

5. After a storm comes a rainbow! Drawing for our local Chalk Walk.” — Jessica A.

little kids in front of chalk drawings. Little boy in front of drawn chalk umbrella

6. “I’m still working during quarantine, but my job has allowed me to work from home since Flynn was born! Not much is different during the day, except now I’m in-charge of OT, PT, speech, feeding, special instruction and nutrition sessions. Teletherapy wasn’t a good fit for us, so we’re handling it solo, together. Cheers to all parents during this time! You’re doing amazing! “ — Kristina M.

mom with child on back

7. We take school outside.” — Megan J.

children learning outside

8. Submitted by Bryanne A.

Little girl with paint all over face and body

9. “Working from home. No pants rule applies to everyone!” — Mindy A.

little boy in just a diaper

10. Submitted by Kristin S.

little girl with Down syndrome making a cake

11. “Sensory play? Haha!” — Kayla S.

little boy sitting on top of couch cushion

12. When you’re helping the big brother and sister out and little brother is left to his own devices for 30 seconds…” — Lindsay N.

little boy with marker all over face

13. This is the norm for us. The kid wearing headphones had sensory processing disorder and auditory processing disorder, so he has to tune his brother out who likes to hum while working on school lol.” — Karen P.

two kids working on laptops

14. “We’ve discovered this new way of learning is less overwhelming with a companion by your side.” — Jenny F.

Little girl working on homework next to puppy

15. “Physical education!” — Laura S.

Little boy holding rooster

16. Indoor bubble parties.” — Jennifer S.

boy playing with bubbles in the house

17. “’I don’t care that it’s raining, let’s go outside!’” — Megan P.

kids playing in the rain

18. “Every teddy in the house!” — Jennie R.

three kids surrounded by teddy bears

19. “How my first grader feels about [home school] at this point.” — Stephanie R.

little kid taking a nap on dining table

20. “Not in the mood for fractions I guess…” — Aana S.

little girl covering face with a pillow

21. Learning to cook!” — Amie F.

little girl learning to cook

22.The many emotions of just one school activity.” — Christine S.

6 different faces one child made

23. Submitted by Jillian R.

mom holding child while on conference call

24. “Kindergarten circle time in full princess gear, because why not?” — Kathleen H.

girl on zoom call in princess dress

25. “Playing in the front yard in the sunshine because we haven’t left the house in two months!” — Chelsea W.

mother and son lounging in the sun

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Originally published: April 30, 2020
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