So I am terrified at the moment, I have neurofibromatosis, it's impacted my life in many ways over my 45 years of life, I remember the stares and the pain of my ankle surgeries, the tumors I have had removed, finding out that I have a brain tumor, the learning and development issues. My struggle with numbers and math, from telling time, to remembering what I was taught about math.
But I have been having problems with smelling things that aren't really there, and not being able to smell what is.
I am having yet another MRI to see if my tumors in my brain are growing. I had cyberknife a few years back to try and shrink them and it helped, I just don't want to go through this again, NF combined with my other health issues I am just ready to be a timelord and regenerate, or a werewolf with healing powers 😆 seriously though, if you have NF too I am sorry for what you are going through.