Ugghhggggg. I hate falling in love. That's the sweet and simple of it. To all the bigots, if I could choose my sexuality I'd be ace/aro. The thing about being a lesbian demiromantic is that I'm way too awkward and anxious to talk to anyone, AND by the time I love them they're my best friend. Especially scince I don't handle rejection well. So I fell in love with my best friend in theater and haven't stopped loving her scince. She's beautiful and sweet and the first healthy friend relationship I've ever had. I got the courage to tell her how I feel fall 2020....and was rejected. She was very kind about it and we still hang out all the time, but my heart still hurts. I just smiled and said it was perfectly fine while I died a little inside. Whatever makes her happy. I never got over her and i think part of me is still hoping because we've gotten even closer, but, I'll wait for her.