× " So I Got Paid Today Luckly I Made Enough To Pay Off My Rent $334 Last Week Today $249... And My Gas Bill $84... Both Were Late And I'm Down To $3 Dollars In My Bank.. Today Was Unbelievable One Person Had To Make A Friday A Miserable One... This Person Alway's Run's Drive Thru And Nothing Else.. My Boss Put Her On Line And Drive Thru Line... And People's Order's Were Being Sent Late... And We Were Backed Up... I Had To Run Around Fixing Her Massive Mistake's Like Alway's... And She Kept Complaining Why She Had To Do Line And Drive Thru Line... All Day.. Until My Boss Made Her Do Patio... But This Girl Like's Bossing Everyone Else Around And Not Helping Out... All The Time... I Guess People Could Read My Face All Day... That I Was Not Happy A Customer Liked My Service And Tipped Me $22... It Absolutely Made Me Happy After Paying My Entire Check To Rent And One Bill. But I Still Feel Sad... But This Was Out Of My Control.. Last Week I Had All Of My Rent Set Up $510... To Pay But No.. I Got A Five Day... And Then My Hour's Got Cut Short Out Of Nowhere... Life Is Sometime's Annoying Especially When Your Alone.. But I Took Care Of Everything... So I'm Not Stressed Until My Next Schedule... Sigh Hopefully I Can Make It.... " ° #Broke ☆▪︎☆ S.K. ☆▪︎☆