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5 Tips for Coping With Depression When Searching for Jobs

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I have only recently begun searching for jobs, but it didn’t take long for me to realize and feel how the process is extremely triggering for those with depression. Rejection from companies all too easily links to the negative thoughts that depression encourages, such as low self-worth and feeling as if you are never good enough. I have found it a lot harder to persevere in searching for jobs and to bounce back from rejections. They only reaffirm the voice at the back of my mind that tells me I am of no value to anyone.

As a result of this, I think it is important to tell those who have depression not to give up in following your dreams and finding the right job for you because it is out there. I know this may seem impossible, and I often find it hard to believe, but things will only work out if you never give up and give everything to get what you want. Here is my advice for those who struggle with depression whilst looking for jobs. I hope to give you the tools and mindset to carry on and remember you are of value, even though you might get rejections.

1. As soon as you get rejected from a job, apply for another one.

This way, there is always an element of hope in your job search and something to look forward to. It can also numb the negative thoughts around rejection in helping you maintain a positive state of mind.

2. Think of rejection as the employer’s loss rather than your own.

Remember your self-worth. If the employer does not want to hire you, then the job and the company are not right for you. The right one will acknowledge and respect your skills and attributes.

3. Always remember why you are doing this.

Think about the goal constantly, for instance, if you are searching for a job to buy an apartment or house with your partner, or to save for a wedding. This will make the job search exciting and help you stay positive.

4. Praise yourself and be confident in the skills or attributes that set you apart from others.

Whether this is an aptitude for writing or the ability to speak multiple languages, you should shout it from the rooftops and make sure everyone knows how special you are.

5. Remember everyone else goes through the process of rejection, some probably more than you.

It is not the end of the world if an employer does not want you, and the chances are they probably rejected a lot of other people too.

The key is realize your potential and what makes you unique. Let this shine through, because this is what will make employers want to hire you. If you know your own value, others will see it too.

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Originally published: May 16, 2018
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