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Quiz: What 'Mean Girls' Character Is Your Depression?

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Depression can often feel a bit like a “mean girl” in your head. And as we all know, Mean girls suck (and so does depression!).

If you’re struggling with the “mean girl” that is depression, you’re not alone. Sometimes it can help to inject a little humor in your life when you’re struggling. Because of this, we created a fun, lighthearted quiz to let you know what “Mean Girls” character your depression is. “Mean Girls” fans, rejoice! This is the quiz for you.

It goes without saying, but the following quiz is just for fun and should not be used to determine whether or not you have depression. It’s meant to be a silly quiz to share with friends — please don’t take it too seriously (and while you’re at it, stop trying to make “fetch” happen!)

When you complete the quiz, you will receive a percentage ranging between 25-100%. If you score a lower percentage, have no fear! There are no right answers in this quiz — the percentages don’t mean anything other than indicating what “Mean Girls” character you got. After finishing the quiz, scroll to the bottom to check out what mean girl best represents your depression.

If you’re struggling with depression and need support, download our free app and post on The Mighty with the hashtag #Depression.

Without further ado, here’s the quiz!:

If you scored 25-45%, your depression is... Karen Smith!

Karen Smith

Your depression is most like Karen Smith! Like Karen, your depression isn’t really “mean,” but it does make you feel a little slow. The depression symptoms you struggle most with are fatigue and brain fog. In your slower state, you worry about being taken advantage of by people in your life, especially when you’re feeling a bit “spacey.” When you’re feeling depressed, you lean into flirting (not just with your cousin Seth!) and may go shopping for a new outfit or two to make yourself feel better. Despite being a little slow on the uptake when you’re feeling down, you can still harness your intuitive powers to predict the weather. It’s like you have ESPN or something.

If you scored 46-66%, your depression is... Cady Heron!

Cady Heron

Your depression is most like new girl, Cady Heron. Like Cady, you’re prone to daydreaming — especially when it involves wild animal-style attacking your enemy Regina! When you’re feeling depressed, you’re way more likely to give into peer pressure and care what others think of you. You may also find yourself fixating on your past mistakes, particularly when you do things that go against your values due to peer pressure. The depression symptom you struggle with the most is mood swings. Your friends often comment that they have trouble “reading” you because of your mood changes.

If you scored 67-87%, your depression is... Gretchen Wieners!

Gretchen Wieners

Your depression is most like Gretchen Wieners! Like Gretchen, when you’re feeling down, your insecurity comes out full-force whether you like it or not. Depression makes it hard for you to identify your feelings and then say what you need. You often find yourself the “beta” to someone else’s “alpha,” and often find yourself going along with the needs of your alpha. Your depression can make you turn into a “mean girl” sometimes when you gossip about others to make yourself feel better. Oh yeah, did we mention your father invented Toaster Strudel?

If you scored 88-100%, your depression is... Regina George!

Regina George

Your depression is most like queen bee Regina George. Like Regina, you have a tendency to push people away when you’re feeling stressed or upset. You can be a bit irritable when people don’t understand you want to handle things by yourself — or when they keep trying to make “fetch” happen. Depression makes you feel out of control, so you have a habit of fixating on things like your appearance to feel in control again. When you’re feeling down, you often turn to food for comfort. Your comfort food of choice? Cheese fries of course.

Images via “Mean Girls” Facebook page.

Originally published: July 12, 2019
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