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There’s Such a Thing as Depression Counseling?

You may not realize it, but there’s such a thing as depression counseling. You don’t have to feel alone being depressed, because you can talk about it with a licensed counselor. It’s not easy living with depression; in fact, it’s the opposite. It’s exhausting, brutal, and it can make you feel worthless, as though there’s no point in going on sometimes, but there is a solution — talking about your feelings. You can get through this, but it’s going to take the help of a mental health professional. You can discuss your depressive symptoms in depression counseling.

What is depression counseling?

Depression counseling is a place where you can disclose what you’re going through concerning depression. You can explain your symptoms, even if you feel that they don’t make sense. Sometimes, depression doesn’t make sense, and that’s OK. If you don’t understand your symptoms, it’s one more reason to talk to a professional who can help you make sense out of what you’re going through. Depression is not something we ask for. You didn’t ask to be depressed, you didn’t bring this on yourself, and talking to a depression counselor could change your life because they understand depression and the symptoms that come with it. They can help you move through and past the signs by illustrating them and showing you coping techniques.

Coping techniques for depression

One of the things you’ll learn in depression counseling is that you can’t control your thoughts, but you can control your actions. So, you may have the thought “I’m worthless.” It’s painful to feel that way about yourself, but you can control what you do with that thought. It doesn’t reflect your value. That’s not to say that your feelings aren’t valid; it’s extremely valid that you feel this way. It’s a common dirty trick that depression plays, and it’s excruciating to feel this way, but remember that it’s your brain having a glitch. It’s not a reflection of who you are. So, how do you dispute these thoughts? One technique that you can use is something that people who engage in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) often utilize, which is called a thought record. A thought record is a place where you can write down a negative thought and challenge it. Tell it that it’s not the truth. Prove it wrong. In CBT, the thought “I’m worthless” is indicative of a cognitive distortion called “labeling.” In this circumstance, labeling means that you’re calling yourself a name and making a judgment about yourself that isn’t factual. You’re not worthless. There’s no evidence to prove that you have no worth. All human beings have inherent value. Using a thought record can help you understand that what your brain is telling you isn’t true, and you can work through these complicated feelings and emotions. 

Getting help online

Online counseling is an excellent place to find a depression counselor. You can find somebody who will help you work through complicated feelings of depression and get well. It’s not easy to live with depression, but it’s manageable with the right help. Maybe you need to see a psychiatrist and talk about medication options as well, but a great place to start is talking to a counselor. Online counseling is convenient, affordable, and you can talk to a professional that understands depression from the privacy of your own home. You don’t need to be afraid, and you don’t need to feel alone anymore. You’ve got this. 

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