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5 Reasons Why Depression Can Trigger Anxiety

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It is known in our modern society that mental illness isn’t just a fling or a phase someone goes through, but rather a real condition just like any other visible illness. Yet the fact it’s almost always invisible comes with a price in the shape of anxiety. But how does it relate to depression?


1. The stigma around mental illness.

People who haven’t faced mental illness tend to mistake depression as someone exaggerating a certain feeling, rather than actually acknowledging it’s a real illness. This actually drives people to be cautious regarding who to open up to about their struggle, when it should be totally fine to talk about it with anyone in your orbit.

2. Not everyone can handle someone with depression.

While it may be just like any other illness, it can be hard to deal with someone who’s going through depression. Mainly, this is because those with depression tend to curl into their own bed for days and might end up not answering calls. That can be when people start to leave. This makes your friend circle even smaller and makes you stress even more about any other decision you’re about to make.

3. The good days.

Now don’t let the title deceive you; the good days might actually be a helpful way to fight depression, but sometimes it simply doesn’t work because of the constant pressure you might feel to “act OK.” You might see people genuinely laugh, something you can’t do that at the moment, which leads you to ask: “Why can’t I be normal, just like them.”

4. Work/School/University.

While achievements can make you feel good about yourself, no one can deny the amount of pressure that comes before it. For a person dealing with depression, missing a deadline or getting bad grades might affect their mood, which eventually adds more pressure and keeps your mind buzzing with ideas of how you feel like a huge failure.

5. Insomnia.

People with depression sometimes experience insomnia of some kind, and while it can sometimes trigger creative thoughts, that’s not the case every time. Sometimes it can be a reason for negative thoughts, leading to falling into anxiety.

Depression can hit anyone, and it’s the fact anxiety can follow depression that makes it even more painful to deal with. So if you or someone close to you lives with depression, don’t hesitate to help or ask for help.

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5 Reasons Why Depression Can Trigger Anxiety
Originally published: July 12, 2017
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