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JCPenney Unveils Inclusive, Trendy, Adaptive Kids' Clothing Line

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On July 15, 2021, JCPenney released Thereabouts Kids’ Clothing, their new inclusive, trendy, adaptive kids’ brand designed with every kid in mind. As the back-to-school season is among us, this new private brand offers fun, stylish, and relevant looks for all kids so they can feel empowered, confident, and express themselves whether they’re at home, attending school, or socializing. With its size range, style choices, and range of adaptive features, this new inclusive line truly celebrates every kid through the diversity of shapes, sizes, styles and abilities.

When getting the news, I was skeptical. Other brands advertise themselves to be trendy, inclusive and adaptive — rarely all three combined. If all are combined, it’s very selective in size and the price is outside of my affordability. But, with the Thereabouts Kids’ Clothing line, I was pleasantly surprised.

Advertising for the Thereabouts collections represents kids being kids that make the world go round — the core of what the brand is all about. Every style bolds the belief that “kids should be kids, that they should be able to learn, play, and discover freedom in the clothes they wear. Parents and caretakers should also have peace of mind when it comes to buying high-quality, long-lasting, inclusive kids’ clothing. Thereabouts is JCPenney’s way of helping kids and their guardians live life to the fullest in clothes they’ll love.”

Here are 10 ways the Thereabouts Kids’ Clothing brand affirms the diversity of age, shape, style, size and abilities of kids:

1. As an adult with multiple disabilities, I remember how much I dreamed of having access to clothing that met my needs and made me feel confident when I was a kid. Thereabouts Kids’ Clothing brand meets this dream.

2. As a parent, I am excited about my child growing up with access to this clothing line. As a parent with multiple disabilities, the adaptive line offers clothing options that can help me assist my daughter with independence.

3. It is a clothing line that challenges the history and stereotype that size-inclusive and adaptive clothing is not stylish.

4. Through using high-quality, sustainable materials, the wear and tear threshold is high, which makes it economically friendly in terms of price and longevity (which is perfect for a family like mine which has a lot of clothing that gets passed down and passed around).

5. Size range inclusivity is present through offering a variety of styles and adaptive features within all sizes including toddler sizes from 2T to 5T, little kid sizes from 4 to 7, and big kid sizes from 7 to 22. This supports the Thereabouts vision that states its collection is “designed for every kid – no matter their size, shape, gender, or abilities. No matter how big or small your child is, Thereabouts will be there with the perfect size as they grow up, with bright and colorful clothing that matches their own expressive personality.”

6. Sensory-friendly options that help minimize discomfort are provided by including clothes that are tagless and have flat seams. This makes a huge difference for an autistic person like me who has struggled to find comfortable clothing that meets my sensory needs in the style and size I seek.

7. Pull-on loops along with hook and loop leg openings are a game-changer for supported and independent dressing allowing for more functionality, ease, and comfortable fit. As a person with limited dexterity, muscle weakness and spasticity, this would have changed my world as a kid. Now, these options can help me support my daughter’s dressing routine easier as a parent.

8. Clothing options that include a hidden access opening for medical devices or for situations where ease of access with privacy is needed. This option also has the opportunity to increase confidence and comfort across different settings.

9. Marketing ads include a diverse representation of kids.

10. The styles, sizes and adaptive features are designed to meet the various needs of kids under one inclusive line, rather than separating them.

I’m excited to see how people respond to the JCPenney Thereabouts private brand. My partner and I have already talked multiple times in the past two days about how much it would have made a difference in our lives when we were growing up, the impact it could have had on her students; and what an awesome line that’s now available to kids, including ours. I hope to see this collection grow. I also hope it inspires other clothing lines to make clothing to celebrate all children and adults so that a sense of confidence, empowerment, and self-expression can always be accessed through their style and clothing options.

Image via JCPenney.

Originally published: July 19, 2021
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