I’ve been ill in bed awhile; debilitating situational depression; watching way too many videos on psychopathy; according to some I have psychopathic traits. Agh! My GAD is and my brain are racing like a train; ‘feel like the wires above. I struggled to get back to what I know: my brain can lie; I do not need thoughts that do not benefit me; I fought for my soul and I embrace it. Just watched another presentation regarding the DSM. It can’t target our brain’s gray areas; 30-40 percent of folks display some type(s) of psychopathic trait(s). MANY APOLOGIES TO ANYONE FOR WHOM THIS IS A TRIGGER. My advice to anyone: love ❤️ yourself unconditionally; get rid of thoughts that do not benefit you. Easier said than done (??). I hope you all have uplifting moments today!