So.. I haven't gone to the dentist since I was 15 dut to severe trauma. I'm now 24. Teeth problems run in my close family very rapidly.. I think its called ectodermal dysplasia.. anyhow, I had one of my front teeth pulled out today, they replaced it using a marilynn bridge. They were so excited cause it was the first time they tried a marilynn bridge in the way they did with me... and.. low and behold, I managed to easily snap it off within a day.... I know I have to call them even. Sooner now.. and they will probably love to hook a chain to the adult tooth that has come in next to my nose.. I just.. doing this appointment even with xanax was incredibly difficult... and I don't know how all this later work is going to go... I have to do it.. but.. its making my confidence hurt alot.. not just cause of a missing front tooth and soon to come braces on the front but I am mostly embarrassed because I can't even go a day without crying over it for the past two weeks... its ridiculous.. and I know its to much... so I don't turn to anyone for comfort.. If I do, they've been hearing it so its not very genuine or empathetic or sympathetic conversation.... I don't know where to turn... I don't want to talk to and won't talk to another guy for comfort, im married, I just need some though... and my husband's really had enough of my dentist talk... just been quiet or short with me about it... I wonder how long of dentist work its going to take for this anxiety to wear down.... anyone else?