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    I'M so done with winter.

    I can't believe Jan is almost over. We got #snow UGH. Just feeling blah. I have to go to the #Dentist in the morning. Not looking forward to that. But who is. I always feel #Anxiety and so #anxious to go. I'M just really tired and all. #TheMighty #MightyTogether #MentalHealth #Depression

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    I don't know what is wrong with me. Today was a okay #sunday . It was cold but sunny. I have no idea how but one of my few tooth chipped last night. I don't even know how that happened. I wasn't even eating anything hard. Im going to the #Dentist for a cleaning in a few weeks. Hope i can get it fixed. I still need to to get in some fake teeth to. So yeah. It's hard when you can't really eat something things cuz it's hard. I'M such bad luck with my teeth. Must of been that chooalte i ate . It was a little hard.

    I don't know why i feel so depressed & sad. I don't know why i feel like crying. Just having a off day. I hate when i buy a book i already have. Like today. oh well.

    #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Depression #Anxiety #MentalHealth

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    I'm new here!

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    #Dentist #Rootcanal #langley #Canada

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    I Need So Much Dental Work

    I have so many things wrong with me, but I'm just going to vent a little about my teeth. The pictures above are not my teeth, but I wanted to provide an example of just one of my many dental problems. In the left picture, you see the dental post sticking out, which happening with one of my teeth; however, the second picture shows a better idea of the angle it's sticking out (even though it's not sticking out in the picture). It's constantly scraping against my inner upper lip. It also makes speaking uncomfortable. Because I have no teeth between that tooth and the teeth broken at the gum line (there should be two teeth there, I think), which are sharp, that also affects my speech. People often ask me to repeat myself. The missing teeth, along with several of my other teeth, limit what I can eat.


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    Today i had a Blonde Moment. *don't really like that term) I loged in my zoom link and couldn't get in. I had forgotten no group was today. I just forgot. I felted really stupid. lol Oh well It happends sometimes.

    I got to go for a walk and sit outside and do some reading. I'M done with taking the meds and my face isn't puffy anymore. I don't need my pain pills anymore. I only took a few for the first 3 days. Next week i have to go to the dentist but it's just for a follow up to check to see how my mouth healed. I don't have any pain. I'M not sure how long i need to waite to get the replacements teeth.

    #TheMighty #MightyTogether #Dentist #Depression


    The meds make me feel sick, Make me tired. UGH! I just feel tired today. I have been putting the pill in my soup and oatmeal and not really been able to eat it all. Simply because iy makes the food taste gross. Makes me feel sick. yuck. #meds #Dentist #Depression I could go to bed now. lol Least my mouth feels better now and no more pain.


    I was at the dentist yesterday, I got my teeth pulled that needed to come out. I'M glad it's done and over with. I had a little pain and been taking pain pills. It helps and ice packs. I was put asleep for it. But just only felt a little. Just been eating soup and lots of pudding. ha. So i will be getting replacement teeth. The dentist was nice and friendly. Understanding my anxiety. But yeah not fun and never wanna go threw this again. My disliabty paid for it. and covered the pills. So greatful for this. #Dentist #Depression


    My #Anxiety is SOOO high right now. I don't wanna go to the #Dentist in the morning. I also at the sametime wanna get it over with. #Depression


    UGH!So emotional. #TheMighty #MightyTogether

    Today i got up feeling such huigh #Anxiety . My mind was thinking about the #Dentist next week. I'm feeling scared to go(getting teeth pulled) I cried today in my group and someone asked me if i was okay. I got to talk about what was wrong. IT was nice how in my groups people are kind and show you support. That made me feel better. I also think with #MothersDay coming around my mood was ugly and down.

    Today with my worker it wasn't bad. I'M starting to warm up with this person. I still miss the other one i had. But you make the best of things. #Depression

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    I have such high #Anxiety about going to the #Dentist Tomorrow . #MightyTogether

    I really don't want to go. I hate going. Blah #Depression