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Comedian Andrew Schulz Mocks Woman for Having a Seizure During His Show

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On Sunday, comedian Andrew Schulz posted a video to his YouTube channel from one of his shows in Orlando, Florida. The video showed a woman in the audience having a seizure. While medics were attending to her, Schulz hopped on stage and began his set – which focused primarily on “roasting” her.

He began joking about the medics as they were still checking on the woman and working to stabilize her. “Hey guys, they don’t make those shirts bigger?” he said. “That shirt about to give you a heart attack, bro! I can see your heartbeat through that shit!”

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The medics soon escorted the woman out, holding her arms to help her remain upright as she walked. With one hand, the woman shaded her eyes, appearing to be blocking out some of the overhead lights in the room.

“Do not be embarrassed,” Schulz called after her. “Shit happens to everyone.” He paused for a moment, waited for her to exit, then yelled, “Alright, well we may as well start the fucking show!”

The crowd burst into applause and Schulz began joking about how he could tell everyone was eager for the woman to “wrap it up” so they could get on with the show. “Bitch, I got a babysitter! Are you gonna die, bitch? Are you outta your fucking mind? You gonna pay us $15 extra for every hour I’m late?”

As he continued to make jokes about the woman’s seizure, another woman from the crowd shouted, “That’s not funny!”

“Listen, white lady, listen. I know, I know… You know what else is not funny? Anything you’re gonna say for the rest of this show,” Schulz retorted. He invited her to leave. “But I’m gonna roast this bitch for almost dying at my show.”

Schulz went on to mimic the woman’s seizure, trying to determine how much she was shaking and continued mocking the woman in the audience who called him out, accusing her of trying to make the incident about herself.

Schulz’s video has received mixed reactions. Some have admired Schulz’s comedic and improv skills, while others have called Schulz out for mocking someone who has had a seizure.

According to The Epilepsy Foundation, a seizure is a sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain. When a seizure occurs, there may be too much or too little activity, causing an imbalance between the nerve cells that excites or inhibits them from sending messages. Seizures can be a symptom of a number of different disorders that affect the brain and can vary widely in frequency and severity.

The day after Schulz posted his comedy special on YouTube, he released the following video, writing, “If my comedy has offended you, let me just say this…”

In the video, Schulz said:

Lot of people have been asking me if I’m ever gonna do another stand up tour. For all of you that were offended and triggered and outraged by my last special, I just want to let you know that you’re heard. Your pain is real, and your sorrow is recognized. I acknowledge that comedy’s a bullfight, and sometimes… the bull wins. Unfortunately for you, this is not one of those times.

The Mighty has reached out to Andrew Schulz for comment and has yet to hear back.

Screenshot via Andrew Schulz’s YouTube channel

Originally published: April 11, 2019
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