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15 Memes That Will Make You Laugh If You Have Epilepsy

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Epilepsy doesn’t exactly fill your day with tons of “laugh-out-loud” moments. Between juggling medications, going to doctor’s appointments, coping with side effects and avoiding triggers, epilepsy can cause a lot of stress. That’s exactly why, for some people, finding ways to laugh about your life can be pretty therapeutic. Sometimes, pointing out the absurdity of epilepsy can make it seem a little less scary.

We rounded up 15 of the funniest memes about life with epilepsy. Laughing may not be on your doctor’s list of treatment options, but perhaps chuckling along with your fellow epilepsy community will make your heart feel just a bit lighter.

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stranger things meme of mike and max at the ice cream counter with steve saying again?
via @epilepsymemes Instagram


girl explaining to her mom meme, about explaining epilepsy is a lifelong condition
via @epilepsymemes Instagram


spongebob meme showing different piles of side effects
via @epilepsymemes Instagram


stich meme with caption on the way home from neurologist remembering all the things you forgot to tell them
via @seizurefreedom Instagram


suspicious girl meme with caption, my face when someone asks, are seizures fun
via @seizureshakenmemes Instagram


jason momoa, labeled tonic clonic seizure, creeping up behind henry cavill, labeled me, just having a chill day
via @indracranialoneliners Instagram


animated girl with sword and shield and caption, me trying to stop seizure before it starts
via @seizureshakenmemes Instagram


thomas the tank engine, caption the first time you have a seizure in front of your friends. caption it was time for thomas to leave, he had seen everything
via @socal.epilepsy Instagram


joey saying yeah i just ate all your food and took a benzo -- bed time. caption im not even sorry
via @seizurethememes Instagram


jars for spare change to save for things you want, vacation jar, new car jar and cure for epilepsy jar full of coins
via @the_struggling_psychopath Instagram


photo of annete benning saying yes and no. caption oh epilepsy isn't that condition where flashing lights trigger it?
via @epilepsybrainbattles Instagram


meme of woman trying to do math problems. caption trying to remember how i got these random bruises
via @epilepsymumbai Instagram


seal looking worried, caption about anxiety causing seizures but anxiety is also a side effect of seizures


monopoly man reaching out hand above "no" in monopoly. caption, someone: so can you drive. me, a person with epilepsy
via @epilepsy.seizure.memes Instagram


spiderman in bed, caption, when you've had a long day being an epilepsy warrior
via @epilepsymemes Instagram

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Originally published: August 26, 2019
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