Went to the emergency room today. I’ve had pneumonia for almost a month. So I’m treated as a covid patient because they have similar symptoms...fine I’ll comply, it’s safer for me anyways. However when you have someone who is considered in the medical profession to be “ medically fragile “ don’t send in the dinosaur doctor who has no idea you have any kind of serious medical conditions and who cuts you off in the middle of you talking because I was trying to catch my breath....I’m never sent home from the ER so I packed a bag ready to stay because of how sick I am...then he comes in “ it’s your lucky day! Your blood work is fine you get to go home”.......as glad as I am that my blood work came out normal this time ( 10th time in the hospital this year ) I’m so so sick and I would have appreciated a doctor who understands medically complex patients and who would have been a little more concerned with how sick I am....ugh this is why I hate going to the emergency room! Even when your lips are purple, your face is bright red, your coughing so hard it hurts your chest and lung and you’re pretty much in tears you’re so uncomfortable as long as your bloodwork is good you’re all clear 🤦🏻‍♀️