She lies in bed awake
The nightmares are what keeps her awake
Eyes shut so tightly
Tears still escaped
Her body... her hands shaking as she held them tightly
She can feel the weight on her
She feels dirty
She feels pain
She feels ashamed
She wants to die
Trying not to scream... compressed into whimpers
She tried to keep it all in
Everything haunts her
She's trying to keep herself together
but she's gonna break
She wants to say something
To scream
To be heard
Means no more hiding behind the shame she feels
No more hiding in the darkness
But... she can't
She doesn't have the strength to
Not strong enough
It's too much
She dying anyway... inside
No hope left
She often wonders if anyone she cared about will be better off without her?
She prayed to God, " Please take care of them."
The pain she feels becomes unbearable
She reached for the blade
She did what she had to do
She thought it was better this way
"Father, please forgive me... for what I am about to do."
Blood... feels so warm
She can feel herself slipping away.... fading
Then the eternal silence begins.
                 ---- SV

#Depression#Suicide#eternalsilence #nomore