Hello, I’ve been contemplating writing my thoughts down. I am going through a terrible, heart breaking, depressed event. My therapist of 8+ years died. I had been trying to get in touch with her for several days because she never misses and appointment without reaching out to me. I spoke to her via text the night before our appointment. I was stalking her BFF’s peg on FB and she posted about her dying. We were so close, she was a great, fantastic therapist. She promised she would never abandon me. I also am having issues with wanting to know what happened? When did she die? I feel that her clients have been left in the dark. I’m so hurt and heartbroken. I promised her that I would never attempt suicide again unless I talked to her. I promised her and I keep my promises even though she is no longer with me. I need to find a new therapist. Oh, I now have Covid!