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    Completely heartbroken #bpdis me #ineedhelp #feelabandoned

    Hello, I’ve been contemplating writing my thoughts down. I am going through a terrible, heart breaking, depressed event. My therapist of 8+ years died. I had been trying to get in touch with her for several days because she never misses and appointment without reaching out to me. I spoke to her via text the night before our appointment. I was stalking her BFF’s peg on FB and she posted about her dying. We were so close, she was a great, fantastic therapist. She promised she would never abandon me. I also am having issues with wanting to know what happened? When did she die? I feel that her clients have been left in the dark. I’m so hurt and heartbroken. I promised her that I would never attempt suicide again unless I talked to her. I promised her and I keep my promises even though she is no longer with me. I need to find a new therapist. Oh, I now have Covid!


    Advice needed

    My #Depression is severe, has been impacting my life for nearly a decade
    I'm treatment resistant, probably because I've only just been diagnosed with #AutismDiagnosis so nothing was ever changed to help me understand it and of course meds don't work
    I cannot take this anymore
    Every single time I ring to speak to a doctor they say there's nothing else they can for me
    They won't try anything


    #Autistic help me get people to honour my boundaries

    I've been diagnosed with #ChronicDepression and #Anxiety for so long, I've tried to put boundaries in place, tried to honour my needs like alone time and rest days and not doing things that makes me uncomfortable
    But it's really hard because my family refuse to respect what I say, or even my diagnosis or just me
    Recently I've been diagnosed with #Autism
    And I know it's more important than ever to reflect and focus on my boundaries and needs
    I cannot do what I used to do hears ago
    I need a lot more rest
    And I've realised, I will no longer do what causes me harm
    #AutisticBurnout is no joke
    And if I'm going to survive I need my family to help me honour my needs
    So when I say I can't do something, they need to respect it

    At the moment they do not, and it's causing me a lot of pain
    How do fellow autistics cope
    How do they get family to #Respect their needs!!!

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    My soul is broken Daily suicide thoughts.

    Every day I live with very heavy thoughts, it’s don’t get any better. Every day I live with a big wish to die or being at the endive to jump out the window. I suffer a lot from chest pain. It’s burning me. It’s heavy. It’s hard to breathe, hard to read out it’s so hard to stand it. This pain killing me. I am so much worried and so much afraid of people. So much afraid from my own self that I won’t be able to hold down my impulse and suicide this life. I can’t get professional help, I got all insurances possible and they refuse me , I went to many countries and places organization and all without result , because I can’t afford treatment or DBT by my self. I feel too much broken to work and being able to process and deal with all life alone . I don’t get any support from family regarding BPD issues. I feel so lost in this life ... # BPD life #BPD #borderlinegirl #fellheavy #ineedhelp #Suicide #suicidal #chestpains



    What could it possibly mean if you eat something and not even 10 mins passes and you have sharp pain in the abdominals? #Stomach #abdominals #ineedhelp #questions


    What are ways to help people you love out of their dark place? #helping #ineedhelp

    My boyfriend is really struggling with wanting to stay alive. I don't know exactly what is going on because he says he doesn't know how to describe it. But I, myself, have been through a good amount of unfortunate events and I know it was scary. I didn't have much help so I don't know how to help him. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it. #whatdoido


    #MentalHealth vs. #COVID19

    Been in lockdown since Feb 2020, all the body pain, no stopping sobbing is back. Not getting out of bed is back, not eating is back. I have help but I think they are overwhelmed with our community. I have cried I have screamed for help, are they not listening or do they not understand. But I refuse to fall back into the Hell I crawl out of. #ineedhelp

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    #ineedhelp #Ineedsupport #alone #Depression

    Fellow mighty warriors throw me a lifeline. Words for the depressed that can’t seem to shake the funk to save her soul. Words for someone who constantly is alone in a world filled with people. YOU mighty warriors are my support system and today is one of those days where I just need someone to restore my faith in humanity cause I just want to give up. #mightywarriors #helpme #Anxiety #Depression #reachingabreakingpoint #reachingout #isorder #Broken


    I need help.

    It seems to be a cycle with me that I will be ‘normal’ (for me this is a chronic struggle w/depression and anxiety) However, it seems like there is usually some sort of trigger that sets my body, nerves and emotions off. I can only describe it as my emotions being rubbed raw. It usually only lasts a two days to a week before I’m ‘right’ again this time it’s lasted almost three weeks.. how do I go back to normal? It seems like I’m constantly shaking, the smallest things will set me crying or struggling to catch my breath. I just feel overwhelmed almost constantly. Is this overstimulation from anxiety? Should I talk to my doctor? #overwhelmingemotions #ineedhelp #StrugglingWithEmotion


    It’s been so difficult to me coping with Depression and Anxiety.
    Today I woke up relatively well. But, all of a sudden I went through a crisis. A few minutes ago I was just thinking about how much I wish I could die. You know, naturally. I’m not a suicidal. And don’t judge anyone either. But for religious reasons I couldn’t do this. On the other hand I pray that may God be mercifull to me and makes this stop. All this pain. It feels like I’m suffocating. I’m so scared and crying right now. #ineedhelp #Depression #Anxiety #deaththoughts