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19 Clothing Brands People With Fibromyalgia Recommend

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Finding comfortable clothes to wear when you’re in the middle of a fibromyalgia flare can be quite a challenge. You probably want something soft and loose-fitting to accommodate any pain, skin sensitivities or bloating you’re experiencing, but even if you don’t plan on leaving your house, it can still feel good to wear something cute and stylish.

To help you find clothes you feel confident in but don’t exacerbate your symptoms, we asked those in our Mighty community with fibromyalgia which brands of clothing they find comfortableWhether you’re looking for comfy loungewear to curl up in or something a little nicer you could wear to a doctor’s appointment or to work, the following brands offer styles that both look good and feel good.

Here are our community’s recommendations.

1. LuLaRoe

woman wearing a lularoe dress and jacket

LuLaRoe creates comfortable yet stylish articles of clothing in a variety of bold patterns and vibrant colors. They offer a selection of loose-fitting tops and T-shirts, stretch-knit dresses, A-line skirts and leggings (their most popular item). A pair of leggings usually retails for $25.

LuLaRoe, especially the leggings, maxi skirts and tops. The fabric is so soft and doesn’t irritate or bind,” Normala DeLaney told us.

LuLaRoe!” Jennifer Johnson said. “No buttons, zips or snaps! Buttery soft leggings!”

LuLaRoe is only sold through independent consultants. Check out the collection and find a retailer here.

2. Champion

champion heritage tee with 3/4 sleeves

Champion offers a range of athletic wear for both men and women. But even if you don’t exactly plan to hit the gym, you can still relax comfortably in a lightweight fleece sweatshirt, soft cotton T-shirt or versatile leggings. Most tops and bottoms cost between $20 to $50.

Cynthia Kelly wrote, “I love LuLaRoe, Champion, really any lounge or workout wear that’s comfortable. My stomach bloats a lot so anything that stretches with it is great. I tend to like longer looser tops to try to cover that up some too.”

Buy the tee above for $20.99 from Champion.

3. lululemon

lululemon on the fly black pants

Activewear company lululemon athletica sells workout clothing that stretches and breathes to keep you comfortable. Tops cost around $30 to $100 while pants go for $79 to $148.

“For pants, I wear lululemon On the Fly [pants, featured above]. They are professional looking but feel like wearing pajamas. I also wear lululemon leggings (the ones they say have a naked feel),” Elizabeth Auwarter told us.

Buy the pants above for $98 from lululemon.

4. Old Navy

old navy fleece sweatshirt

Whether you’re looking for some casual loungewear or something a little dressier, Old Navy carries a wide range of styles that are fashionable while still comfy and inexpensive. Most tops and bottoms are under $35, while jackets and sweaters range from about $40 to $60.

Mags Denizkizi told us, “Old Navy sweatshirts are amazing and inexpensive.”

Buy the fleece sweatshirt above for $29.99 from Old Navy.

5. Under Armour

under armour leggings

Under Armour’s focus is on athletic wear made with various types of fabric tech, which allows their clothing to be lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking and/or temperature-regulating – depending on your individual needs. Short-sleeve shirts range from $20 to $40 while leggings go for anywhere between $30 and $120.

Megan Louise said, “It’s more material for me. Jumpers I used to love my skin now hates. Under Armour has good leggings that have a bit of pressure that help my hips. They give me support in that way. Their socks are good, too.”

Buy the leggings above for $60 from Under Armour.

6. 32 Degrees

olive green bomber jacket from 32 degrees

This company uses warming and cooling technology in their clothing to help you regulate your temperature, whether it’s hot or cold outside. Many of their items are made with fabric that is lightweight and soft. Their jackets go for $40 to $65.

32 degrees [from] Costco!” recommended Jess Marple. “It’s a perfect balance so you don’t get too hot or too cold and they are soft!”

Buy the bomber jacket above for $40 from 32 Degrees.

7. The North Face

the north face capris

While The North Face designs clothing for athletes that can withstand exercising and the outdoors, many of their items – such as their leggings or fleece pullovers – are useful for staying comfortable while resting at home or venturing out to the doctor’s office or pharmacy. Base layers generally start around $50.

The North Face capris… the fabric is weightless and I feel like I’m wearing nothing at all! Except even better because they have pockets,” wrote Gina Estrada Nevarez.

Di Ane added, “Faded Glory T-shirts and North Face capris are simply amazing!”

Buy the capris above for $65 from The North Face.

8. Victoria’s Secret

victoria's secret lightweight pajama set

In addition to bras and underwear, Victoria’s Secret also carries workout clothing, pajamas and loungewear such as sweatpants. Many of these items are loose-fitting, soft and stretchy and come in feminine prints and colors. Most items sell for between $30 and $60.

“Victoria’s Secret has been one of my favorite brands in recent years. It doesn’t hurt my skin. I love how soft and durable the fabric is,” Angel Halcomb explained.

Buy the pajama set above for $54.50 from Victoria’s Secret.

9. No Boundaries

no boundaries soft suede leggings

No Boundaries offers a range of inexpensive juniors’ clothing through Walmart, including tops, leggings and dresses, with most items under $12. The leggings are made to be soft and stretchy and have an elastic waistband.

No Boundaries brand of soft sueded leggings from Walmart,” recommended Helene Pultuskier. “At $5.88 I am always comfortable pairing them up with cotton T-shirts and when cold a soft fleece jacket and Bearpaw boots.”

Buy the leggings above for $5.88 from Walmart.

10. LOFT

lou and grey sweater tunic from the loft

LOFT sells women’s clothing that is a bit dressier, making it appropriate for work, outings or special events, but still comfortable. Their Lou & Grey line is a little more casual (but could still be dressed up) and features “Signaturesoft” fabric that is soft and comfy. Most tops in this line (including the one featured above) range from about $50 to $70.

The Loft!” recommended Tori Highley. “Especially their loungewear, but even their normal clothing is easy to handle on my worst days.”

Buy the sweater tunic above for $59.50 from LOFT.

11. Fat Face

red cotton cardigan from fatface

Based in the UK, Fat Face offers a range of clothing and shoes for women, men and kids with flattering styles that include bold, fashionable prints as well as some more practical and classic essentials. If you’re looking for something cozy and casual yet still fun and feminine, Fat Face has a line of knitwear (including the cardigan featured above) made from 100 percent organic cotton. Many of their clothing items fall between $50 and $80.

Fat Face [is] great,” wrote Samantha Watts. “Also baggy cotton lounge/pajama bottoms, cotton tops and baggy hoodie with soft linings.”

Buy the cardigan above for $60 from FatFace.

12. Target

men's shirt from target

Target has an expansive range of clothing styles, from super casual sweats and T-shirts to fun dresses and work-appropriate attire. They have lots of options for soft, casual and comfy clothing you could wear around the house or out and about, including graphic tees, hoodies, leggings and sweatpants. Most of their tops, leggings and loungewear range between $10 and $25.

Target T-shirts,” recommended Zoe Katzman. “Mossimo Supply Co. and Fruit of the Loom tank tops and undergarments.”

Buy the T-shirt above for $12.99 from Target.

13. Betabrand

betabrand yoga pants

Some days you may need to dress nicely for work, appointments or special events, but stiff, uncomfortable pants scratching your skin is a no-go. Betabrand makes yoga pants that look just like dress pants so you can look professional without sacrificing comfort and flexibility. They come in several styles and colors with prices starting around $58.

Amy Rebecca told us, “Love Betabrand yoga work pants, as well as some of their 2-in-1 dresses!”

Buy the dress pant yoga pants above for $58 from Betabrand.

14. Croft & Barrow

croft and barrow nightgown

The Croft & Barrow line at Kohl’s carries tops, bottoms, swimsuits and pajamas for both men and women. The styles are pretty and feminine but also loose-fitting to be more comfortable. Most items are available for under $35, with some items as low as $9.99.

Kelsianne Melody Larsen-Pettit wrote, “Croft & Barrow nightgowns/pajamas from Kohl’s are life savers!”

Buy the nightgown above for $19 from Kohl’s.

15. Aerie

light pink aerie tank top

Aerie carries intimates such as bras, underwear and swimsuits as well as comfy dresses and loungewear like tank tops, sweaters, pajamas and leggings. Most items cost between $15 and $35.

Melissa Clingan recommended, “Aerie by American Eagle. Bras, clothes, swimsuits… And Bombas for socks.”

“Aerie tanks and underwear and Rue 21 leggings,” said Raena Clark.

Buy the tank top above for $12 from American Eagle.

16. Terra and Sky

blue dress from terra and sky

Available at Walmart, the Terra and Sky line offers fashionable tops and bottoms in women’s plus sizes. Many clothing items come in bright colors and standout prints, while others, such as jeans and white blouses, carry a more neutral and classic style. Most of the tops and bottoms are under $20.

Terra and Sky,” Caitlin Palmer recommended. “Super soft, loose, simple and pretty.”

“The clothes are really cute, too,” added Kim Hatfield-Patty.

Buy the dress above for $12.84 from Walmart.

17. Cuddl Duds

fleece pullover top from cuddl duds

Cuddl Duds designs their clothing to be super soft, cozy and comfortable. Their styles include SoftKnit leggings, Fleecewear that’s stretchy and ComfortWear hoodies. Most items cost between $10 and $40.

Definitely Cuddl Duds,” wrote Eileen Howard. “Whether they are thermal or not, they are super soft and non-binding for me!”

Buy the fleece pullover above for $21.60 from Cuddl Duds.

18. Fabulegs by Melissa

rose leggings from fabulegs by melissa

Fabulegs sells leggings in a variety of colorful and unique prints that are designed to be stretchy and breathable. Full-length leggings are $22, while capri leggings are $18.

Fabulegs by Melissa. So comfy and the waist band helps with pain and bloating,” Ashley Walker told us.

Buy the leggings above for $22 from Fabulegs.

19. Hanes

gray hanes men's sweatpants

For days when you just need some comfortable essentials, Hanes has a number of soft and inexpensive options for both men and women. They have sweats starting at $8.99 and tees starting at $5.99 in addition to their collection of underwear, bras, leggings and socks.

Hetha Smetha wrote, “I love Hanes, just my size. LuLaRoe… basically all the soft, comfy, breathable fabrics.”

Buy the sweatpants above for $8.99 from Hanes.

Originally published: March 26, 2018
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