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20 Things People With Fibromyalgia Need on a Bad Day

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As a woman living with fibromyalgia, I have found one of the greatest resources I have for managing my illness is other fibromyalgia warriors. The depth of knowledge and experience we can share with one another is a powerful tool. What works for you may not work for everyone, but I think we all have something we can learn from each other.

We recently asked our Mighty readers with fibromyalgia what they need on a bad day. Maybe you have fibromyalgia yourself and are looking for new ideas to help manage your pain. Or maybe you’re trying to understand the needs of someone you love who has fibromyalgia. Either way, I think you’ll find these answers to be helpful in building community and understanding around fibromyalgia.

Here’s what fellow fibro warriors need on a bad day:

1. “I need empathy, compassion and understanding. I need for other people to recognize my pain.” — Renée S.

2.A mountain of pillows is necessary.” — Katrina J.

3. “Understanding and compassion. Also comfy clothes and something to take my mind off my symptoms (a book, film, game — whatever I can manage).” — Sharice H.

4. “My bed and my cats.” — Ashley T.

5. “I’ve found that ice packs, lots of pillows and the support my husband gives me helps a lot.” — Liz T.

6. “Heat! Whether it’s a bath or a hot water bottle. I find somewhere comfortable to lie down, like my bed or my couch, so I can curl up and try my best to relax my body and not stiffen up.” — Eden S.

7. “Compassion, especially if I have to cancel plans.” — Anne M.

8. “Removal of as much external stimuli as possible. Silence, darkness, solitude.” — Gabrielle M.

9. “Wheelchair and shower chair.” — Paula R.

10. “I need to listen to classical music to allow my mind to drift away from the pain.” — Pamela J.

11. “I use an acupressure mat and pillow. The initial pain is then followed by warmth and comfort.” — Cathy W.

12. “Ice, peppermint, fuzzy socks, mindless shows, stuffed animals and understanding.” — Leslie M.

13. “Comfy clothes, a weighted blanket and Netflix!” — Eloise K.

14. “On a really bad day, I stay in comfy lightweight cotton pj’s and soft fleece blankets. If I have the energy, I take epsom salt baths.” — Jorie P.

15. “Chocolate.” — Donna B.

16. “Empathy, compassion and ice cream.” — Tiffany H.

17. “My bed and prayer.” — Kathy M.

18. “Validation!” — Deb W.

19. “Elastic waist band pants, and someone to cook for me while reminding me I’m not a loser. And lots of water!” — Mel K.

20. “Kindness. That is all.” — Patricia W.

What would you add? Let me know in the comments below.

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Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

Originally published: September 8, 2020
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