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14 Bra Brands Women With Fibromyalgia Recommend

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When you’re dealing with the skin sensitivities and widespread pain of fibromyalgia, the last thing you probably want to do is put on a bra. If you’re at home, wearing several layers or have a small chest, you may feel totally comfortable skipping a bra entirely — and that’s great! But for many women, there are occasions when a bra feels necessary. Perhaps you feel physically uncomfortable and unsupported without one, or you need to go run errands and feel self-conscious skipping it.

On these occasions, you’ll want a bra that’s soft, isn’t too tight and doesn’t add to the pain you’re already feeling. As any person with fibromyalgia who’s gone bra shopping knows, many bra styles and brands just won’t work. 

We asked our Mighty fibro community to share which brands offer styles they can tolerate. Check out their recommendations below.

Remember, too, that fit plays a huge role in whether or not bras are comfortable, so be sure to ask a salesperson to measure you, or grab a tape measure and use a bra calculator to find out your correct size.

Just so you know, we’ve selected these links to make shopping easier for you. We do not receive any funds from purchases you make.

1. True & Co.

true and co true body scoop neck bra

“True & Co. True Body Collection. So comfy! Feels like wearing nothing!” said Jess Pflieger.

“True Body is the only bra I can wear anymore. I don’t know how much money I wasted buying hoards of bras until I found something that didn’t hurt,” Lisa Hero said.

Buy the True Body Scoop Neck Bra featured above for $44 at True & Co.

2. Glamorise

glamorise sports bra

“Glamorise sports bra! It is all I can wear. I am a 44G and it is the only type that holds them up without underwire and doesn’t make my neck and back hurt,” Adrienne Heeren said. “Anytime I try to wear a different bra within a couple of hours the pain becomes unbearable.”

Buy the Glamorise Ultimate Full-Figure Bra featured above for $48.99 at Glamorise.

3. Hanes

hanes pink and gray bra

Truthfully my favorites are these cheap Hanes bras (they are non-compression athletic-looking bras) from Walmart,” said Karen Lyons.

“I’ve used Hanes with no underwire, the material is very soft and flexible,” explained Sonya Ouellet.

Buy the Hanes X-Temp Foam Wirefree Bra featured above for $12.50 at Hanes.

4. Wonderbra

wonderbra strapless lace bra

“One hundred percent this one [featured above] by Wonderbra!” Michelle Green recommended. “Discovered it when researching for my wedding day lingerie and have since bought two more.”

Buy the Wonderbra Refined Glamour Ultimate Lace Strapless Everyday Bra featured above starting at $49.99 on Amazon.

5. Maidenform

maidenform bra

“Maidenform has been my life saver!” said Kelsi Jones. “It actually has great support, looks cute and the straps are soft and wide enough that they don’t dig in.”

Buy the Maidenform Comfort Devotion Tailored Extra Coverage T-Shirt Bra featured above for $20 at One Hanes Place.

6. Aerie

aerie bralette

“Aerie all the way! It’s American Eagle’s version of [Victoria’s Secret] PINK but their stuff is so much better and so comfortable,” Bea Cohen said. “The sales associates are super helpful too and make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.”

“Unwired bralettes are the best I’ve found,” Jessica Lentz recommended. “Aerie has some amazing ones that are priced fair and are a quality product from my experience.”

Buy the Aerie Real Me Bralette featured above for $34.95 at American Eagle.

7. Victoria’s Secret

victoria's secret bralette

“Always Victoria’s Secret,” recommended Alexandra Cook. “They have so many different types to find the perfect type and you get a personal bra fitting and they last forever — completely worth the money.”

“I have a handful of bralettes from Victoria’s Secret. Fortunately for me, I am rather small chested so they offer the comfort and support I need,” said Cameron Leff.

Buy the Victoria’s Secret Easy Plunge Bra featured above for $29.50 at Victoria’s Secret.

8. Reebok

reebok sports bra

“Reebok sports bras: I’m almost a DDD, and it’s supportive enough for the level of exercise I can manage to do, it’s not constricting, and it’s a very soft material,” said Mattie McAfoos.

Buy the Reebok Hero Racer Padded Sports Bra featured above for $40 at Reebok.

9. La Senza

la senza turquoise bra

“La Senza is the only brand I can wear. It’s not too thin that it cuts and the bras with and without underwire seem to not hurt me until the end of the day. Plus they still give me that yummy cleavage!” said Koroleva Voyny.

Buy the La Senza Lightly Lined Full Coverage Bra featured above for $25.95 at La Senza.

10. Rosie For Autograph

rosie for autograph blue floral bra

“Rosie bras at Marks & Spencer are amazing,” Claire Hewitt recommended. “So, so comfy and pretty, too. I got loads in the sale recently.”

Buy the Silk & Lace Padded Plunge Bra featured above for $44 at Marks & Spencer.

11. Miss Mary of Sweden

miss mary of sweden bra

“Miss Mary of Sweden make a really good front fastening posture bra. When my arms are tired or painful I can’t handle a back fastening bra, even fastening it at the front and twisting it around isn’t an option,” Sophie Robinson explained. “When I’m tired I know I slouch, being rather top heavy this means going bra-free causes even more posture problems. It doesn’t completely solve the problem but it definitely helps. Definitely not a thing of beauty but I really don’t care!”

Buy the Miss Mary of Sweden Soft Cup Bra With Front Closure featured above for $53.99 at Miss Mary of Sweden.

12. Champion

champion brand sports bra

“Champion brand sports bras. No underwire. Adjustable straps. Soft and comfortable,” said Nicole Marie.

Buy the Champion Spot Comfort Sports Bra featured above for $28.99 from Champion.

12. Genie

pink genie bra

“Genie bras. Inexpensive and extremely comfortable,” said Alice Charbarneau.

“I love Genie bras. It has been the only bras I have bought in the last five years,” recommended Abby Pinch.

Buy the Genie Bra featured above for $9.99 at Genie Bra.

13. Pact Organic camisole

black camisole tank top

“I’m all about the cami! That’s what I wear under my shirts instead of bras,” Krystina Kari Ferrari said. “And sometimes even that’s too much pressure on my chest!”

“At home, I have spandex tank tops I’ll put on under my shirts. It works well because I get cold easily too and it helps warm me up,” said Ashley Allison. “They’re a size smaller than what I wear so they’re a little snug. That provides decent support and I’m a DDD!”

Buy the Pact Organic Super Soft Cotton Women’s Camisole With Shelf Bra featured above for $16.99 from Target.

14. Uniqlo

uniqlo bra

“Love these wireless bras and straps don’t dig in,” said Danielle Masuda.

Buy the Uniqlo Wireless Bra featured above for $19.90 at Uniqlo.


Fibromyalgia, a chronic illness with three main symptoms — widespread pain, chronic fatigue and cognitive trouble. Fibromyalgia is a complicated illness that’s not well understood. In the past, it was mischaracterized as a mental health disorder. Even today, some doctors wave off fibro symptoms as being “all in your head.” This isn’t the case. Read The Mighty’s comprehensive guide to fibromyalgia here. Click here to join our fibro community and connect with people who get it.

Originally published: September 12, 2017
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