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Fibromyalgia Support Resources

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The Mighty’s Condition Guides combine the expertise of both the medical and patient community to help you and your loved ones on your health journeys. For the fibromyalgia guide, we interviewed five medical experts, read numerous studies and surveyed 13,997 people diagnosed with the condition. The guides are living documents and will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

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Fibromyalgia Resources: Support for Living With Fibromyalgia

If you’re living with fibromyalgia, it’s difficult to find others who understand exactly what you’re going through. If you want more information, support, resources, doctor referral networks and places to talk to others living with the condition, check out these organizations and online groups. These are also great resources to share with family and friends so they understand fibromyalgia better.

Join The Mighty’s Fibromyalgia Community

The Mighty’s fibromyalgia community shares stories, support and information for people just like you living with the condition. You can join The Mighty through our website, mobile app or The Mighty’s fibromyalgia Facebook page. Plus, connect with others living with fibromyalgia on The Mighty site or app by posting your Thoughts and Questions to share your story and get feedback and support from others.

Fibromyalgia Support Group

Check out the fibromyalgia page on The Mighty, where you’ll find a collection of stories and posts from other people living with fibromyalgia. It’s a great place to learn more about the day-to-day life of having fibromyalgia, get insight about diagnosis and treatment and find a supportive community.

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The Mighty’s Fibromyalgia Facebook Page

The Mighty has a dedicated Facebook page for those living with fibromyalgia. Here you’ll find the same great stories and resources shared from The Mighty as well as a Facebook community of others living with fibromyalgia.

National Fibromyalgia Organizations

Leading the charge for information, resources and support across the United States, these national fibromyalgia organizations are a great resource. Whether you want information on fibro clinical trials, have questions about legal issues related to living with chronic illness or want to find local in-person support groups, these organizations may have what you need.


Fibromyalgia Coalition International

Fibromyalgia Coalition International (FCA) was founded by Yvonne Keeny, who lives with fibromyalgia. The site has a listing of healthcare providers who specialize in fibromyalgia as well as some U.S.-based in-person support groups and a list of fibromyalgia clinical studies looking for participants.

National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association

The National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association provides information and resources about everything from what to expect with fibromyalgia to resources for legal issues to mental health, elder concerns and a healthcare provider directory. They also conduct advocacy activities and have an in-person support group finder.

National Fibromyalgia Partnership

The publisher of the Fibromyalgia Frontiers Journal, the National Fibromyalgia Partnership’s website has information about the condition as well as resources for learning more. They have sections specifically for men and kids, and a list of financial, social, disability, legal and medication services.

Fibromyalgia Information Foundation

As their name suggests, the Fibromyalgia Information Foundation has packed its website full of useful information. They cover important topics that are hard to find anywhere else, like sex and fibromyalgia, how to reduce the likelihood of a fibro flare following major surgery and fibro and pregnancy.

If Your Loved One Has Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a hard illness to understand. At times your friend or family member will be just fine, and other days they can’t walk or drive. Friends may need to cancel plans last minute if they have a flare. Fibro is an invisible illness, so sometimes it may seem like their pain or fatigue is “all in their head.” It’s not — fibromyalgia is a well-established medical condition — and your loved one needs your support. If you want to learn more about supporting your loved one with fibromyalgia, these resources are geared specifically for you.

Learn More About Fibromyalgia: Overview | Diagnosis | Symptoms | Treatment | Related Conditions

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