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14 COVID-19 Related Gifts For Your Friends with Fibromyalgia

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I am horrible at knowing what gifts to get for the people in my life.

Some of my friends are so good at knowing just what to get people. They put time and thought into getting unique, meaningful gifts for people. I, on the other hand, am often too indecisive and oblivious to come up with good gifts. Maybe you can relate. 

In an attempt to help others like me who could use a little help knowing what to get people for the holidays, I wanted to share this list of 14 COVID-19 related holiday gift ideas to encourage the people with fibromyalgia in your life. As someone diagnosed with fibromyalgia, these are some of the most helpful, practical and thoughtful gifts I have received. 

1. Blankets

Blankets are on lists like this for a reason. I literally don’t know a single person who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive a soft, fuzzy blanket and your friends with fibro are sure to appreciate the extra warmth and comfort. I’m obsessed with this buffalo plaid throw from amazon.

Blanket from amazon

2. Notebooks

Brain fog is a real and very frustrating symptom of fibromyalgia. To cope, I burn through notebooks writing notes to myself to help me remember important dates, appointments and details about daily life. I’m never disappointed to receive another cute notebook to help me combat brain fog. These nature themed notebooks from Target are too cute.

notebooks from amazon

3. Massager

The extra stress of COVID-19 and the holidays can cause a lot of tension to build up in our bodies right now. A shoulder and neck massager could be just the thing for your loved one to destress and prioritize self-care. This massager at amazon has amazing reviews! 

Neck massager from Amazon

4. Stuffed animal/heat pack

Alright, hear me out. This lavender scented, microwaveable stuffed sloth is hands-down the best purchase I have ever made. You need one. Your friend needs one. Everyone needs one.

Lavender scented sloth from Amazon

5. Entertainment subscriptions

I can’t count the times Netflix and Hulu have come to my rescue on bad pain days and quarantine days alike. Sometimes, however, the extra monthly payment is just too much to handle. Consider giving your friend a few months of an entertainment subscription that can help them stay sane on the hard days. It could be a huge encouragement to them. 

6. Candles

Candles have a way of setting a relaxing mood no matter what. And trust me, your friends with fibromyalgia need all the peace and relaxing they can get. Candles make our houses feel less like prisons and more like homes. 

7. Essential oils

Aromatherapy is very helpful for some people with fibromyalgia. For others, it doesn’t help at all. But hey, at least it smells good, right? 

8. Water bottles

When you have a disorder that affects your muscles like fibromyalgia, hydration is incredibly important. Everyone knows it’s easier to stay hydrated when you have a cute water bottle to drink out of. These tumblers from amazon are adorable and functional. 

Colored tumblers

9. Gratitude notebook

This guided gratitude journal is one of the best things I’ve ever seen. I firmly believe in the healing power of gratitude, and that has only been more important to hold onto in 2020. This humorous approach to the subject gets an A+ from me.

Ok Fine I'm Grateful book

10. Socks/gloves/hats

The cold weather really exacerbates my joint and muscle pain. I’m basically the Michelin man with my layers of clothes for the winter months. Because of that, I’m always thrilled to receive clothes that can help keep my body temperature regulated. 

11. Massage therapy

Massage therapy is something that many people with fibromyalgia find helpful, but often cannot afford. Look into local options about massage therapy gift cards, vouchers or treatment plans to find something that fits your friend’s needs. 

12. Meal kits

There is no such thing as a gift that’s too practical in my mind, especially right now as covid has been financially detrimental to so many. Making meals takes so much energy and often can’t be a priority for someone like me. Consider giving your friend meal kits or the ingredients for easy, ready-made, healthy meals. Nutrition is a critical part of managing any illness and food is an often overlooked, practical need that actually makes a great gift. 

13. Motor disability-friendly makeup brushes 

For the makeup lover in your life, these brushes could help them regain independence. I experience loss of motor function due to fibromyalgia and that makes makeup application difficult. These brushes are designed to help make the application more comfortable from any angle.

Makeup brushes that work for people with motor disabilities

14. Fibromyalgia awareness face mask

I feel like a covid Christmas list wouldn’t be complete without a cute facemask

Hopefully this gave you some new ideas about what to get your friend with fibromyalgia this year. What would you add to this list?


Image courtesy of Getty Images

Originally published: December 7, 2020
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