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16 Memes That Nail What Sleeping Is Like With Fibromyalgia

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For those who live with fibromyalgia, sleep is not always the easiest task to accomplish. Fibromyalgia causes pain throughout the body and chronic fatigue. There are so many difficulties involved with sleeping because of this. Chronic pain, anxiety, feeling restless and so many other complications can come into play when it comes time for you to go to bed. Sleeping is just not that simple when you have fibromyalgia.

There is a major connection when it comes to sleep disturbances and pain. It’s why so many of those who have fibromyalgia have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, waking up and feeling awake in the morning. At times, it can be very overwhelming. That being said, one of the best ways to deal with the frustration of it all can be to laugh at your circumstances. Let’s be real: there’s certainly some humor when it comes to the sleep aspect of fibromyalgia.

For anyone who can’t wait to go to sleep tonight, only to spend three hours trying to find a comfortable position, these memes are for you.

1. When no matter what you do, you don’t sleep well:

regina george mean girls sleep not happening
via @fibromemes Instagram

2. When the amount you sleep doesn’t even seem to matter:

DW Arthur dark bags under eyes
via @blury.facey Instagram

3. When people don’t get why you’re always tired:

kermit too young to be tired
via @idiocratea Instagram

4. When you are almost asleep, but you really need to pee:

secret life of pets dog on chair needs to pee
via @chronicillnessmemes Instagram

5. When you actually have an OK time sleeping and it just doesn’t make sense:

man looking at camera eyebrows concerned
via @indiunmemes Instagram

6. When you can’t sleep, but you want to sleep:

spongebob tired red eyes
via @welcome_to_my_meme Instagram

7. When you have to figure out when your body will allow you to sleep:

pigeon exhausted
via @dobrador Tumblr

8. When you wake up and realize you’re going to be tired all day long:

sleeping beauty dark eyes tired
via @onlytwitterpics Tumblr

9. When you’re always so restless that you don’t really know what sleeping through the night feels like anymore:

green cartoon can't sleep
via @veryjane Instagram

10. When you’re tired all day, but can’t sleep at night:

marge red eyes can't sleep
via @memesifyoy Instagram

11. When your anxiety gets the best of you, so you can’t fall asleep:

brain conversation green background
via @gohealthyhemp Instagram

12. When someone asks how you slept even though they should know better:

goob meet the robinsons tired baseball uniform
via @memeziplock Instagram

13. When you wake up in the morning and still feel exhausted:

waking up in purple pajamas cartoon
via @SpicedHumor Facebook

14. When you sleep eight hours and still look exhausted:

tired man in black shirt
via @shanelovesmemes Instagram

15. When your brain is ready to sleep, but your body initiates your “fight or flight” reaction:

pink human brain sleep
via @dreambigsleepconsulting Instagram

16. When you’re still in pain no matter which position you to try to sleep in:

three men in different positions
via @its_a_5sos_thing_1 Instagram


Fibromyalgia, a chronic illness with three main symptoms — widespread pain, chronic fatigue and cognitive trouble. Fibromyalgia is a complicated illness that’s not well understood. In the past, it was mischaracterized as a mental health disorder. Even today, some doctors wave off fibro symptoms as being “all in your head.” This isn’t the case. Read The Mighty’s comprehensive guide to fibromyalgia here. Click here to join our fibro community and connect with people who get it.

Originally published: March 18, 2019
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