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The Most Important Thing to Remember If You Are Facing Unknowns With Your Health

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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in February 2017. Since then, I have tried several medications to no avail and my health seems to be going on a steady decline. With this realization, I went back to the doctor to figure out why this is so. I had dizziness before my full body pain came about and no one knew what was happening so I endured it. It seemed to get better, but then it got worse while bringing along some friends: weakness and fatigue.

These symptoms have become friends to me as I also tackle my other friends: pain, numbness, lightning pain, etc. The list goes on. My doctors are confused and I have been referred to another doctor to get a second opinion. From my understanding, I will probably go through the same testing as I did before to make sure I don’t have multiple sclerosis, etc. I seem to be developing new symptoms and there are some days I get so frustrated with myself because it takes a lot of energy to get simple tasks done. College isn’t much help either with all of the assignments that need to get done.

I am still waiting to hear when my next appointment is and the wait is frustrating as well when your health seems to become more apparent with each passing day. It kind of feels like I am undiagnosed again. No explanation of why I am experiencing these symptoms and why I am not responding to any treatments. Even though it seems like I am frustrated and growing impatient, I have learned one thing through this.

Be patient with yourself. I know I said I was growing impatient, but that was with getting in to see someone. I have learned I need to be patient with myself. I have the tendency to go, go, go instead of slowing down and taking care of myself. Through this trying time, friends and family have taught me and keep reminding me that I need to take care of myself. Be patient because pushing myself isn’t going to get me anywhere. I am just going to pay for it later and then I would be more frustrated with myself. There is nothing I can do right now with my health except try to keep it steady with rest and my current treatment plan until we can figure out what is happening.

It is hard sometimes when you feel like everyone thinks you’re lazy when in fact, you can’t stand because you are too weak and/or too dizzy and would just fall down. It is hard when you feel guilty because you can’t help even though in reality, it isn’t your fault. You didn’t ask to become sick. I didn’t ask to become sick. It happened and I have to learn to live a new lifestyle, which has brought on a new perspective that I wouldn’t change and isn’t my fault. Be patient is what I have to remind myself. Be patient because eventually your health will become stable and the unknowns will hopefully become knowns.

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Originally published: November 10, 2017
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