I’ve been dealing with some serious anxiety for a few days and couldnt put my finger on why. Like to the point where i have a big bag of reese’s on my bedside stand!

I check fb like 4 times a week to see what my dozen friends are doing. I saw a post from an Aunt talking about the reunion my family is having a few hours drive away. I was never notified, invited or included.

I can this statement as factual: my brother is so successful at scapegoating me, i’m no longer seen as a member of my own flesh&blood!

Im once again left speachless by the cruel actions by my own family members. This bs has been happening for so long, i have c-ptsd and depression. Tonight, im sad & need sleep!

If you have family around you, even when they drive you crazy; appreciate them fully. Give them hugs, say i love you, show appreciation & acceptance.

#gaslightening #scapegoat #CPTSD #Depression