I’ve used GHB recreationally maybe a dozen times in the last year or so. I thought I had found the Goldilocks zone in dosing: not too little, not too much….just the right amount. Well, a couple nights ago I was with a friend and we took G. I took probably a third of what I typically take seeing as the potency of the other stuff is pretty weak and this current stuff was of unknown potency. Anyways, I felt the high come on fast and hard. I was feeling great. But then it kept getting more and more intense and I couldn’t think clearly. I couldn’t move around without bumping into everything. It didn’t matter if I was still or moving around, I was so dizzy and disoriented. And then I started vomiting; dry heaving actually and sweating like I couldn’t believe. The high continued to get even more intense to where all I could do was sit on the floor sobbing between bouts of vomit and pray for it to subside. Finally about two hours or so later I stopped vomiting long enough to curl up in bed and fall asleep. I didn’t fully realize that I had nearly every symptom of a GHB overdose that night. It was truely horrific and awful, and I’m fortunate to be alive and ok. #overdose #ghb