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A scary situation #overdose #ghb

I’ve used GHB recreationally maybe a dozen times in the last year or so. I thought I had found the Goldilocks zone in dosing: not too little, not too much….just the right amount. Well, a couple nights ago I was with a friend and we took G. I took probably a third of what I typically take seeing as the potency of the other stuff is pretty weak and this current stuff was of unknown potency. Anyways, I felt the high come on fast and hard. I was feeling great. But then it kept getting more and more intense and I couldn’t think clearly. I couldn’t move around without bumping into everything. It didn’t matter if I was still or moving around, I was so dizzy and disoriented. And then I started vomiting; dry heaving actually and sweating like I couldn’t believe. The high continued to get even more intense to where all I could do was sit on the floor sobbing between bouts of vomit and pray for it to subside. Finally about two hours or so later I stopped vomiting long enough to curl up in bed and fall asleep. I didn’t fully realize that I had nearly every symptom of a GHB overdose that night. It was truely horrific and awful, and I’m fortunate to be alive and ok. #overdose #ghb


im lost #Suicide #overdose #sexual abuse#

as the title says im lost. my brother who was also my best friend commited suicede. i found out on the 21 of august. he had been missing for two weeks. when they found him it was said that he had been there for 5-7 days and was deceased for that time. my heart is breaking. i dont know how to live without him. i am so mad at him for leaving me here to pick up the pieces of the mess he made by taking his life. we went through hell as kids together he was my savior. we survived physical, mental emotional and sexual abuse at the had of my mother and many others. we survived being moved from home to home in foster care. i dont understand why he did this why he didnt reach out to me he knew i would be there for him and would do anything i could for him no matter what. im lost and i feel very alone right now


Am I being dramatic?

#Anxiety #Depression #Selfharm #overdose

I really need help and your opinion. For the last 2 years or even three I have trauma from working Saturdays at my job. There are two major events on two different Saturdays (2018 and 19) where I was put through too much at once. The one that affects me the most is from 2019 where after taking a massive dose I woke up and went to work without going to the doctor and the symptoms were severe. However I was unable to leave work as we were so understaffed that I waited until after work where I was then laughed at by a doctor who took light of what I did. I continued to overdose a month after to numb my anxiety that came from that and to this day I continue to feel the effects of that trauma. My boss had no idea what happened and today after telling him I needed to take Saturdays off to release the stress he called me dramatic. I am sending this out to ask you if he is right and if I should tell him the truth of what happened? I feel like I’m trapped in a cycle of fear at the moment and my way out was just blocked off by a boss who doesn’t really understand. Please help me.


(TW- suicide attempt) If you have survived a suicide attempt, specifically an overdose, how did you recover? Physically, psychologically?

I have attempted to overdose before. Waking up alone, realizing I was still alive then vomitting my insides out is not what I expected to happen. But it did. Unfortunately i know a lot of people have a similar story. I often think about overdosing again. Specifically on Xanax because it seems like it will be less likely to screw me over than any other pills I have acess to. But in planning it I realized I’m still not recovered from my last attempt. Physically I was fine and didn’t have any major deficits (that I know of.. I never got admitted anywhere). But mentally I don’t know. I never really took the time to examine it. I just put it on the back burner with all my other crap. I never processed through it but maybe cuz there’s nothing to process? Maybe cuz it happened a while ago. Or just cuz I see the issue as black and white- I tried to die, but I lived. End of story. Just black and white, simple. You know? Anyway if you’re comfortable, feel free to share any stories. About your physical or emotional recovery. I mean it’s probably not going to be of value to me I don’t actually know why I’m asking lol. I guess I’m just curiois to see if people had my same mindset of not going to the hospital and just pretending it didn’t happen and not telling anyone. Don’t mean to be insensitive I just take things with humor a lot or depersonalize.

#Depression #Suicide #SuicidalThoughts #BipolarDisorder #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #dissociativedisorders #overdose #Xanax #pills #DepressiveDisorders

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My plan 2019.

In october 2019, me and my then boyfriend ended our relationship after we had been together for almost 7 years. He had gotten a job in Northen Norway, I knew he wanted to accept this job and I didn't want to be the one standing in his way. He wanted this job, but also didn't want to leave me and our two cats. We had ended up becoming more like two friends living together without the love part in recent years. Everyone told him to accept this job, and so he did. We tried to see if this would help our relationship, but after a month or so we ended it. But what he and everyone else didn't know was that after he had been offered this job, I started "planning" when and how to end my life. I had already in 2015 tried to take an #overdose , and figured this was more "my way" to end it. I had actually planed on doing it in october '19, but my nephew turned 7y the oct 8th and I also started stressing myself thinking of up coming birthdays in Nov and Dec+Christmas. But suddenly I received the sad news of my great-grandma passing the nov 23, 2019, and my plans were pushed even further forward (She lived in Northen Norway). I didn't attend the funeral, there have been too many funerals in my life. Her passing away made it even more difficult for me to try to get myself to cancel my plan. I didn't set a date since I had already had to postpone it several times.


Spinning out #Divorce #BipolarDisorder #Addiction

Today I went out on a walk and my mind started spinning and spinning. I am separated by a great distance from my addict husband at the moment but my mind was traveling to if he were to die.

The truth is, an addict can die any day. Often, they don't want to die- they want to stay alive so they can keep using.

I was just crying and crying on my walk thinking that he would die from his addiction and depression. On one hand, it would be a relief to me because I would never be hurt by him again. That's the truth. That scares me. I'm here to be honest and real.

#Bipolar #Addiction #Depression #Divorce #overdose

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Does anyone know of a support group even on fb for children who have lost a parent to an OD?

There are lots of groups for parents who lose children but what about children who have lost a parent to addiction?
#Addiction #overdose #Support

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Temptations of silly behaviors

I struggle alot with Bpd #suicidal thoughts and #SuicidalIdeation and deep bouts of #Depression I've been to see my GP today and they have loaded me up with that many meds it's scary I'm going to have put these somewhere locked away.

Why give someone so many in a few days?
Its like it's to tempt me or something...

!!!??? I am safe and well and I havnt taken these I just want to make that clear!!!??? 👌🍐

#Medication #overdose #BPD #safe