#for 18 years I thought my older son was the unlucky one. I was wrong. My wife and I split up when my youngest son was 2 months old so he really doesn't remember me as his father even though I called him at least once every day! With my diogenes I could not have custody of my boys and thier mother was in prison. My youngest son A.J. is turning 14 this month so he came over for the weekend! He was always the smart, clean, average one. This weekend I found out that he was having trouble in school. Come to find out, he has ADD, but not ADHD. Coincidentally I read about the meds he was taking the night before so I knew what he was going through. I can't shake the guilt that I gave him a mental problem. I pray he will grow out of it but his mother is bipolar and I have 3 diocese that really suck! I know I was a handful when I was growing up. Is there any parents out there who are in the same boat? I feel alone.