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    × What Make's Someone Truly Happy In Thier Life. × #Openingup #t .W.

    × For Me Being Alone And Independent Truly Make's Me Happy. Why You Might Ask ? My Answer Is Very Simple ♡ I Don't Have To Answer To Anyone... I Don't Have To Give Up Thing's Just To Please A Partner. I Can Finally Dress x Wear What I Damn Well Please Now. And Go To Sleep Whenever I Want Too. I Don't Have To Go To Place's That I Don't Want To Go Too. I Can Have My Very Own Friend's... And Talk To Whoever I Want. I Hated Being Controlled x And I Gave Up Thing's x Did Whatever The Other Partner Alway's Wanted. I Hated Having Unannounced Random Vist's In My Former Home Without My Say So. I Was " NEVER " Made A Priority. Now I Can Do That For Myself. Alot Has Changed Within Me. I Used To Be A Very Angery Miracle-Gro Human Being. Mainly Do To All The Losse's That I Have Experienced x And My Assult. I Lost My Soul Within Anger... Mood Swing's. No One Should Watch People Die In Front Of Them. Material Thing's Come And Go. It's A Good Thing That I Wasn't All About Brand Name's. I Was When I Was A Teen. I Don't Have To Keep Up With The Joneses. Spend Huge Amount's Of Cash. For Nothing. I'm Slowly Learning Within How To Be Happy x F. I.E.R.C.E . With My Body...Mind...Soul. My Mental Health Recovery Is A Never Ending Journey. My Physical Health Is A Battlefield Of Scar's x Non Stop Severe Pain. When That Effect's Me That's When My Depression Kick's In. And The Devil Called #Insomnia .. Wreaks Havok. This Is My Own Battle Within To Heal × Get Better. #Thank You #for Your Continued Support Mightie's × ☆☆☆☆ S.K. ☆☆☆☆#Openingup #t .W.

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    Thank God #for Bushkin and Miss Kitty My life line

    Taking life one minute at a time 😝


    Waiting......................... #for my Hypomania to come!

    My bi-yearly Hypomania is due any day now! It isn't bad, infact besides fustrating, it is very insightful!  I have learned something every cycle I go through If I look for it. My last signifant one taught me, 'I was stronger than I thought!' At that time, it taught me through a very unusual combo of Hypomania and also Mania [which I hadn 't been in 35 years!'.... Instead of lasting 10 days, it lasted 3 months! This is the time I pray for strength.  I have listened to my love more and less of the fustration side now. How do I know, you ask?  Right now I have all left fingers, and make a zillion mistakes on the PC. It will explode any day now into the racing thoughts etc! Hell begins!  Anyone else listen to the insight from hypomania?  

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    Please pray #for Lily’s breeder Joyce who fell and has broken bones 🙏♥️🦌🇺🇸😊And pray that I get to my dentist on Monday ♥️🇺🇸🦌

    🙏🇺🇸♥️🐾🥺🥺🦌I am very worried about my tooth and I even sent a special prayer request to a very special person who is very supportive in my life and heart ♥️ so we need prayers and hugs to get God’s Blessings ♥️🇺🇸🇺🇸🙏🦌🐾🐾👍⛸🐕‍🦺🐶🐱


    Is having dilated cardiomyopathy too dangerous to do coaching? #for the loveofthegame

    As a student athlete, I was coached to never stop playing unless a bone was sticking out or I was in too much pain; however, I remember after about ten years why I loved team sports so much. The reason I played team sports and joined the military because I needed to belong to something that was bigger than myself. I have always had self-determination but for the life of me I cannot get past the hurt having to leave the Army as well as my friends behind. I know that God/Higher Power has a purpose for me and for my life but I just need to find it. #TBIscostsomuchmore


    #positive #vibes #

    Today focus on the positives,if we keep spending time focusing on the bad things and negative vibes we will missed the chances on dedicating that space on the good things to come and the positive we can get out of it... #everything #HAPPENS #for #a #reason !# LEAVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!


    Walking to the store

    For one day this week, I'll walk to the store, instead of driving. Whenever I walk, I get the feeling of people staring at me, as if they know that something is wrong with me and I feel less of a person. So I drive there, where I am in my comfort zone. The owner of the store knows me well and does not talk down to me. She respects me as I do her. So, yes, for one day this week, I'll walk to the store.



    #for 18 years I thought my older son was the unlucky one. I was wrong. My wife and I split up when my youngest son was 2 months old so he really doesn't remember me as his father even though I called him at least once every day! With my diogenes I could not have custody of my boys and thier mother was in prison. My youngest son A.J. is turning 14 this month so he came over for the weekend! He was always the smart, clean, average one. This weekend I found out that he was having trouble in school. Come to find out, he has ADD, but not ADHD. Coincidentally I read about the meds he was taking the night before so I knew what he was going through. I can't shake the guilt that I gave him a mental problem. I pray he will grow out of it but his mother is bipolar and I have 3 diocese that really suck! I know I was a handful when I was growing up. Is there any parents out there who are in the same boat? I feel alone.


    B.woman,E.R &Racism #theguru _LupusWarrior

    I have been in so much pain for about a month. I'm so irritated, my dr.s kept telling me if your chest hurts go see a doctor. If under your arms hurts see you have a blood clot. I'm sure I do, I even told the Dr. Did he pay attention to me? Nope. As I was going to the hospital in the ambulance, I begun breaking out in hives , choking, turning all kinds of red. The ambulance drivers, told me to take medicine before I leave. They always tell you not to. So I refused. They strapped my feet down and didn't say a word to me but sign this.Didnt even ask me if I was ok I was saying help me, so I reached in my purse and shot my leg with eppi pen. I had to beg for Benedryl and antinausea medicine. They gave me papers to sign and wrote on the paper sorry for being black. #blackwomenarepeopletoo . Meanwhile lady next to me who just happened to have less melatonin gets i.v pain meds, and whatever else she wants. Then it cost me $20 to go home. #Lupus #opiodwar against patients with chronic illnesses who are black! This never happened to me before this Orange man stepped in office. I used to be treated for my pain regardless of what I took at home. I'm tired of going through this. Why doesn't anyone want to help me? Is it because I have been sick for 40 years with lupus? I hate being black in this era of hate and racism! No cure, No help just take the same crap that is doing nothing for me.
    #listen #for #free on #Google music,#Apple devices on #itunes radio- I am #theguru _LupusWarrior. There was a report done on the different treatment of black women and doctors and how they believe the worst of us. They drug test me each time I go into the e.r. I fell last week Broke my ribs and stayed home. I knew my ribs were broken but, I wasn't in the mood to be treated like a criminal because I was in pain. I asked the doctor should I just go home and overdose on my meds for you to draw a single tube of blood. Upon reading my test results there were bad things wrong and he just told me to show it to my doctor. It takes me a month to get an appointment, by the time I go, the problem will either be gone or worse. I quit smoking last month, I told the doctor and he didn't believe me because my coat still smells like ciggarettes. I'm not the only person in my house, my boyfriend smokes. I hate this💧😭♿ .