Mental health is like a hole, a hole where it feels like there’s no help to get out of. The hole is just getting deeper and deeper and further out of reach to get out. The hole is getting darker and darker. It’s getting to a point now after this many years of being in the hole that I just wanna stop, I want to stop digging, I want to stop trying to find a way out, I just want to lay at the bottom of this hole and just lie there. just lie still, and stop trying to fight against myself. However some days that hole doesn’t seem as big or as deep or as dark. Some days that hole has the tiniest light which seems in reach. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t. But what I do keep telling myself is that as dark or as deep or big that hole is, some days there is some light, even if it isn’t bright, or as big, there is some light. #hole #MentalHealth #light