I am a Reiki practitioner, qualified in 2011, in Holyfire Reiki. Being a reiki practitioner, your laying hands above ones clothed body emitting reiki energy out their hands and directed to body parts. It is said that reiki can do no harm, it’s universal life force energy originated by Usui Sensi in the 1900’s in Japan. Who taught reiki and opened venues to practice. It was advertised in the West by a reiki master mrs Takata.

Studies have been carried out on Reikis results; one of which from Dr Emoto, on two portions is water - one portion where pleasant words spoken to it, the other negative words. What concluded was the first condition A, kind words spoken the water was vibrant and shinny; the later condition B, the water was horrid.

Reiki essentially relaxes the client, creating space for the client to heal. So it’s not reiki per say that heals mind body or soul, but rather it some how activates and encourages healing energy. In regards to anxiety in hospital prior to operation, the client can receive reiki to relax and calm ones nerves. It is becoming more popular in the west as time goes on.

Reiki can be treated on practically anyone, any animal or anything or any illness. If one has depression, reiki can help the mind, and body relax, become calm, create space to face unwanted challenges or issues so that it’s a safe place to release negative emotions.

Whose tried it?