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Holistic Medicine #Holistic #Natural #easternculture #energyhealing #mindbodysoul

I’ve read lots and lots and lots about medications and symptoms and diagnoses and physicians, etc etc. here on The Mighty. It’s been a real wake up to how fucked up our whole healthcare situation is here in the states. but I’m a real mind/body/spirit person and I’m wondering if anyone has utilized treatment methods such as CBD, chiropractic adjustments, reiki, acupuncture, other energy work, etc.
I would LOVE to hear about your experience.


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Can Reiki help mental health conditions? #Reiki #Holisticcare #energyhealing #holyfire

I am a Reiki practitioner, qualified in 2011, in Holyfire Reiki. Being a reiki practitioner, your laying hands above ones clothed body emitting reiki energy out their hands and directed to body parts. It is said that reiki can do no harm, it’s universal life force energy originated by Usui Sensi in the 1900’s in Japan. Who taught reiki and opened venues to practice. It was advertised in the West by a reiki master mrs Takata.

Studies have been carried out on Reikis results; one of which from Dr Emoto, on two portions is water - one portion where pleasant words spoken to it, the other negative words. What concluded was the first condition A, kind words spoken the water was vibrant and shinny; the later condition B, the water was horrid.

Reiki essentially relaxes the client, creating space for the client to heal. So it’s not reiki per say that heals mind body or soul, but rather it some how activates and encourages healing energy. In regards to anxiety in hospital prior to operation, the client can receive reiki to relax and calm ones nerves. It is becoming more popular in the west as time goes on.

Reiki can be treated on practically anyone, any animal or anything or any illness. If one has depression, reiki can help the mind, and body relax, become calm, create space to face unwanted challenges or issues so that it’s a safe place to release negative emotions.

Whose tried it?


What are your thoughts on energy healing and psychedelics to help with depression? #Mdmatherapy #energyhealing #Anxiety #DepressiveDisorders

I was watching a Netflix documentary on hoop aka gwyneth paltrows business. They used themselves as guinea pigs on these treatments.

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#akashic #devinefeminine #goddess

I'm new here is anyone using spiritual energy to heal the body and emotions, tapping into the akashic records and doing massive #energyhealing #Reiki

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Thoughts on Grief

Glaciers are formed when everything freezes over again and again... before you know it you’ve got a massive, thick sheet of ice that looks like one piece. But if you cut a cross section out, you can see the layers all compressed under the tremendous weight.
That’s multiple grief/trauma. You can’t just pull them off one at a time, because they’ve all become one big thing. Each event is compressed into the next to create one lengthy story.
Through therapy we can examine these layers and figure out the ones that have priority, and need urgent attention. It takes time, patience and self love to figure out how these traumas have been affected by our past, and who we will become in the future. It can take years to hash through it all, because it’s a regrowth of sorts. We cannot do this alone.
We have to reach out to professionals who can help, but we also need to be careful to maintain relationships that are healthy for our healing. We need to minimize contact with those who think we are taking too long to ‘get over it’. They just don’t understand that we want to be happy- not sweep it all under the rug. Some of us cannot do both. It takes baby steps to get there. People outside may think we aren’t making progress. What they don’t know is the fact that we keep living some days is progress!

Tag someone who needs to see this! #Grief #ComplicatedGrief #GriefWork #PTSD #posttraumatic #energyhealing #spiritwork #empathchick #Empathy #intuitiveempath


Has anyone tried energy healing or shamanism for depression and anxiety? SSRI’s and therapy are not helping me. #energyhealing #Shamanism

I have had depression on and off my whole life, but this current bout is the worst I have experienced. My activity level is almost 0. ##Depression


Regaining Energy

It is hard being a full time stay at home mother and live with such a intense and some times unbearable disease. I chose to homeschool my son because of my constant ups and downs with EDS. I know I made the best decision for the both of us. The other day his school had their Outing Day event in downtown Atlanta. It was such a beautiful experience to meet so many other parents and kids in the same program with my son. Yet I used so much energy with having to wheel myself around took so much energy. I am grateful for my sister for going with us. Today I am feeling the pain, soreness and lack of energy to even make my son breakfast this morning. I am grateful to have a big 6 year old that can do a lot for himself. I just want to lay in bed for the next three days to regain my energy on ALL levels, not just my physical energy but emotional and spiritual too. I love to write in my journal and I take this time when I regain energy to really write down my thoughts and feelings, my intentions for the next week and just all around wellness. I also take the time to meditate. How do you regain your energy?! Please feel free to share! Keep fighting!!

#EhlersDanlosSyndrome #LifeofanEDSerwomanofcolor #energyhealing #Moms #Spoonie

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❤️ Just a reminder ❤️ #keepgoing #affirmations #StayStrong

✨You are not alone✨
✨People do care✨
✨You are loved✨
✨You matter✨
✨You are strong✨
✨You are amazing✨
✨You are wonderful✨
✨You’ve got this✨

DON’T GIVE UP! ❤️🙏🏼❤️

#keepgoing #Motivation #dontgiveup #StayStrong #Selflove #NeverGiveUp #Inspiration #Positivity #affirmations #mantras #energyhealing #Love #Hope #Healing #Anxiety #Pain #Depression