My migraines are well controlled with a daily preventative for several years now that serves a dual purpose with another one of my conditions.

Yes occasional breakthroughs happen but what’s happening right now is because my teeth grinding has turned into teeth chipping and I’ve seen the photo evidence at the dentists office . So I’m waiting for a badly done filling to be replaced, a new filling next to it caused by the bad filling to be done and now the fun of a day and a night mouth guard so I don’t start losing teeth at 41.

But after seeing my dentist, I realized these were what as throwing my headaches out of wack the last month or so.

I’m currently curled up on my favorite chair , with my favorite blanket , one I had made several years ago that used up the majority of t-shirts I had commemorating most of the events I held plan or run at my last employer and on top of that is my #housepanther aka black cat Shadow who came into my life rather unexpectedly and knows exactly when I’m upset or feeling off.

She also doesn’t like coke in a can and if I leave one unattended and In her reach she’ll look directly in my face as is knocks it over with her paw, no other soda is a problem.