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Dear Momma Waiting With Your Sick Child at the Hospital

Dear Momma,

I have seen you in many waiting rooms with a smile on your face for your nervous child. It’s so convincing that anyone would have to look twice to see the sadness underneath.

I have seen you staring at a screen in a surgery waiting room for hours just to see the slightest update about your child while the book in your lap goes without a single page turned.

I have seen you living on coffee and sleeping on the most uncomfortable “sleep surface.” I imagine you are dreaming of being anywhere but there and at the same time knowing if you were offered a penthouse suite in the nicest hotel you would refuse because you couldn’t fathom being away from your sick child.

I have seen you sobbing in your car alone and then miraculously wiping your eyes and finding the strength to keep going.

I have seen you dancing in the elevator when you’re finally discharged.

I have seen you frustrated with doctors, and emergency room wait time, and can’t anyone just ever get an IV on the first try?

I have seen you put on a brave face for your scared child even as your own heart is breaking.

I have seen the dark circles you no longer try to hide from way to many sleepless nights.

And I have seen you jump for joy at all the victories — big or small.

I have seen the pure joy on your face when your whole family is reunited after a long, stressful hospital stay.

I have seen you hold your precious kiddos just a little bit tighter because you know tomorrow everything could be different.

I have seen you because I have been where you are, and you are not alone. We are members of a club we never wanted to join and yet we are so fortunate to be apart of: a world of superheroes and miracles and having the gift of being a mommy to the strongest, bravest child.

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