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9 Gifts to Give a Thyroid Patient

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If you are like me, you enjoy giving very personal gifts, ones you know your friends will enjoy and use.

It’s no different when it comes to gifting for individuals with thyroid disorders. Check out our picks for people with thyroid dysfunction and who knows, you may even find something you like, but if you don’t know anyone aside from yourself who has a thyroid problem, you could always share this as a hint to those who are buying for you…

1. “Living Well With Hypothyroidism” by Mary Shomon

Mary Shomon is a well-known patient advocate for individuals with thyroid dysfunction. It can almost be referred to as a guide book.

In this book Mary addresses many questions about hypothyroidism, its symptoms, treatment options and even the prognosis. Because she too is an individual who struggles with thyroid problems, this book allows you to have that connection with the author and is able to give a sense of security.

2. Scarf from Jacob’s Scarves

If you have hypothyroidism, or if you know someone who does, you know oh-too-well how cold intolerance is a common symptom. I know I am searching for a jacket even when it’s over 80 degrees outside!

This a great gift to help keep the receiver warm, but the gift doesn’t stop there. Jacob’s Scarves is a wonderful shop that uses a portion of their sales to help send children to school around the world.

You can read all about their story and why this is so close to their heart. This is one of those gifts that keeps on giving!

3. Blanket from Sackcloth and Ashes

Again, you can’t go wrong when giving blankets and warm-up items to individuals who struggle with hypothyroidism. The blankets made by Sackcloth and Ashes come in various colors and sizes, and they even have blankets that are made to use outdoors.

Sackcloth and Ashes is another wonderful company like Jacob’s Scarves that will donate when you make a purchase; however, their way of doing it is a little different. For every blanket purchased through them, they will donate a blanket to a local homeless shelter. They have already provided over 4,500 blankets to homeless shelters!

Let’s help them raise that number!

4. Fuzzy Socks

OK, these definitely don’t sound as wonderful as the previous gifts that give back to the community, but who doesn’t love a pair of fluffy socks, especially individuals with hypothyroidism whose hands and feet are constantly cold?

The nice thing about these is that you can find them pretty much anywhere and they’re not too expensive. So if you are looking for a small gift or a stocking stuffer, these are for you!

5. Elderberry Tea

During the winter everyone dreams of curling up in front of the fireplace with someone they love or a good book while sipping a cup of something warm. Elderberry fruits have been known to have certain properties to help combat symptoms of colds and the flu. It is also beneficial to those struggling with inflammation and can even boost the immune system – learn more about the health benefits of herbal tea here.

Buddha Teas is a wonderful company to get your tea from because of their commitment to keeping everything organic and, unlike other brands, Buddha Teas uses bleach-free tea bags to eliminate the risk of chemicals!

6. Astragalus Root Tea

Astragalus tea has similar benefits to the Elderberry tea which include treating the common cold and increasing the immune system, which is compromised in thyroid patients – learn more about how thyroid patients are more prone to getting sick.

The big difference in the two would be the taste. While the Elderberry tends to have a tart taste, Astragalus is sweet. You can get the Astragalus Root Tea through Buddha Teas as well. In addition to the wonderful qualities listed above, this company has also started a campaign titled “Tea For Trees” which plants about 5,000 trees a year to offset the paper they use to make their tea bags.

7. Awareness Matters Mug

If the two items listed above sounded like they may be a good gift idea for the person you have in mind, this would be paired with it beautifully. This thyroid awareness mug allows them to spread the news of thyroid disease without actually saying anything.

It can also be a good conversation starter so we can share just what we feel about thyroid dysfunction and its lack of attention and awareness!

8. Eco Yoga Mat

I’m sure any individual in your life, not just those with a thyroid issue, can use some relaxation. That is exactly what yoga provides. Who cares if they have never tried it? This may be something you can introduce them to and maybe something you can do together.

The stress-relieving portion is especially important for individuals with thyroid disorders because stress can exacerbate thyroid symptoms!

Here is some insight on picking the perfect yoga mat and it explains that you need to keep toxins in mind when picking one. That is why the ECO Yoga mats from Barefoot Yoga have made our list. They are similar to traditional mats and are eco-friendly!

9. Thyroid Plushie Comfort Pillow

This adorable little plush is a cute representation of the gland located at the base of your neck. The reason for this little plush is, again, to spread awareness about thyroid conditions and the thyroid in general.

Each plush comes with its own trivia and information regarding the gland.

Do you have any other holiday gifts planned for yourself or someone else with a thyroid problem? Share your suggestions with us!

This post originally appeared on the National Academy of Hypothyroidism.

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Photo via Julia_Sudnitskaya on Getty Images

Originally published: December 14, 2017
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