There may have been a post about this and I missed this because I'm a bit new but it looks like I'm going to have to go into the hospital, and it's not my first time but I just thought maybe you guys had some ideas that I haven't thought of. Here's what I thought of:

Bringing list of medications and diagnoses and surgeries and list of your doctors, especially if have to go to ER. Bring a small notebook to write down what doctors tell you and when you've received medication because usually my memory sucks. Comfy blanket and/or pillow Loose sweat pants packed Comfy (decent-looking) underwear packed A loose comfortable robe packed Bring a picture of family and/or pets Bring your phone with all your music and headphones (I usually can't sleep). It also has phone numbers of people you may want to call and not remember their number Bring another book to write or journal Bring a book (or magazines) Bring a coloring book and crayons Whatever art supplies you enjoy that you can make portable, or that travels easily When it's morning, and you can't sleep anymore open the drapes to let in the sunlight in, helps you to feel a little more like a normal person. Ask a nurse whenever it's possible to shower. The showers are crappy and it's a pain if you have an IV that they have to disconnect, etc.; but that little bit of water that you can wash yourself in and dry off with horrible towels will also make you feel better and more like a normal person.

This is all I could come up with to try to make life a little better when I have to go to the hospital, thought maybe some of ideas could help someone else, but I appreciate all thoughts to improve on my ideas or new ones that I can't think of. Thank you so much!

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