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Hello everyone,
I am a 43 year old malevliving with GP, IBS, Type 1 Diabetes, and Hypoglycemia. I currently have someone helping me 2 days a week with laundry, shopping, and doing things around the house. I can sometimes do things on my own when I am actually NOT in pain. But, most of the time. I am either doing things WHILE in pain, or not doing anything at all. It truly depends on the level of pain I am in. Unfortunately, as of June 16th, i will no longer have someone helping me as the program will be coming to am end. I am going to be looking for a way to get more help after June 16th. Anyway. I just wanted to introduce myself to the group and say that I am very glad I was invited. Hope to talk to some of you more in the future.

Jason S. (CoolJay)

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