Every day I wake up and I feel alone.
I'm fighting a battle in my mind
And I do it alone
I feel trapped
Trapped inside my own mind
But if I open up
If I tell someone how I really feel
I feel even more empty.
Everyone asks me if I'm okay
I put on a smile
I say that I'm fine
But my eyes tell a different story
No one sees it
I'm alone again
My mind tells me that I should have told them
How I really feel

Even when I speak my mind
People only hear
But they don't listen
It's so much deeper than their mind can understand
So why even try?

I'm trying to get better
One step forward
Three steps back
Will anyone ever get it?
Or will it always stay trapped
In the universe that is my mind
Forever alone
Always my own prison
With no key to open the lock
#Depression #prison #internalbattle