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👋 Hi! My Name is Jenni and I’m new here

Does anyone have this thing that some things at home have to be just at same at just right positions? And that all your stuff have just be right places and if you have something like a candle in the middle of the coffee table and you try and try to make to sure it’s really in the middle, but sometimes you don’t believe your own eyes and have to measure and and make sure it really it’s… This happens with other objects too. And it can get really frustrating because you can’t relax sometimes cause you are thinking about are everything is in line. Other thing I have I count things, when I walk upstairs I must always count the steps. When I walk down the stairs I can walk normally without counting… And also at home I have things I must do always the same amount of time. I have some kind of thing for numbers and I can’t understand why? Sorry for long post ☺️ #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #countingthings #justrightocd #numbersocd

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New here & these are my struggles.

Hello, I am new to the group. I have been diagnosed OCD, however, my symptoms, if you will, are not typical. I have this extrem need for things to be “just right.” However, no matter what I do, it’s never right. For example, I am a creative soul, I have art supplies and crafting supplies galor! I organize and reorganize all of it all the time, because it’s just not right. Eventually, I burn out and give up and let it all go to shit. I have mastered “if I don’t try, I won’t be bothered.” So I come off as messy, a slob, and some say, lazy. What people don’t understand is that if I try, I then am anxious all the time because nothing is ever right or as it should be! When I am in that state-of trying but it never being right, I turn to skin picking to ease my stress. I am covered in scars from picking, which has tanked my self esteem. It’s all so exhausting. I can’t exactly articulate how exhausted I am, just that I am bone tired. Tired of the anxiety, low self esteem, nothing ever been right, tired of the misconceptions of OCD, tired of obsessing and exhausted from my mind never turning off and alway thinking and obsessing. #justrightocd #exhaustion #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #obsessive