Well I had the surgery a week ago - and I have to say my mental health is a complete 360. I was so stressed over the fact that there wasn’t anything I could do but wait till someone else was ready to remove act that it had me in a bad place. With my thyroid, the nodule they found, and 12 lymph nodes gone I can’t explain the overwhelming feeling of relief that I feel. I know that my treatment plan isn’t over and I will have more struggles as we have to determine what new levels and medications will be needed going forward to replace the little work my silly thyroid actually did but I finally feel like I can breath again. In a few weeks I will start the next steps of the treatment plan with undergoing radioactive iodine therapy but as of right now I am NOT worried. Thank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts, they helped more than you could ever know and they came at a time when I needed them most. #kickingcancersass #PapillaryThyroidCancer #Depression