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Papillary Thyroid Cancer
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    i got diagnosed with cancer at 18 last year. i had my thyroid and some lymph nodes removed. i’ve been stressing a lot lately about my cancer possibly coming back. i guess i could use some tips on how to not let the fear take over my life.

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    I’m new here!

    Hi, my name is CarryingOn. I’m new to The Mighty and look forward to sharing my story.

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    I'm new here!

    Hi, my name is Carli. I was diagnosed with Orthostatic hypotension in 2017. I knew I had it - my spouse was diagnosed with MSA in 2010. His main symptom has always been OH. My doctors searched and searched for answers to my OH - and all they could find was a hypertrophic adrenal gland, which they tested over and over again. My cortisol and ACTH was dreadfully low, and my endocrinologist decided to do a carotid artery ultrasound on my neck. They found nodules and biopsied them. They turned out positive for Papillary thyroid cancer, and I had surgery. 2 years later, my diagnosis has changed - from OH to POTS. Before my surgery my heart rate hit 176. Now, my high is 118. Still working on it. But I’m thankful my doctors never gave up! My symptoms were total exhaustion, hot and cold, and weight loss. They’re the same symptoms my spouse has, with MSA, and now I see the progression. POTS, OH, MSA. Best, Carli



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    🌈Silly Topic Of The Day🌈 What would you want to find at the end of a rainbow?🌈

    A pot of gold would be nice, but if you could find ANYTHING your heart desires what would that be? I would want to find a ring that gives me luck. Actually, make that one for each of my family members! (Accept Wally... he has a horseshoe up his butt 😂) 😋💍 🍀💜

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    1 Week Later

    Well I had the surgery a week ago - and I have to say my mental health is a complete 360. I was so stressed over the fact that there wasn’t anything I could do but wait till someone else was ready to remove act that it had me in a bad place. With my thyroid, the nodule they found, and 12 lymph nodes gone I can’t explain the overwhelming feeling of relief that I feel. I know that my treatment plan isn’t over and I will have more struggles as we have to determine what new levels and medications will be needed going forward to replace the little work my silly thyroid actually did but I finally feel like I can breath again. In a few weeks I will start the next steps of the treatment plan with undergoing radioactive iodine therapy but as of right now I am NOT worried. Thank you everyone for your kind words and thoughts, they helped more than you could ever know and they came at a time when I needed them most. #kickingcancersass #PapillaryThyroidCancer #Depression


    Mutations and variants

    It seems that the further down this journey I go the darker the tunnel gets the dimmer the light seems at the end of the tunnel. Is there even an end to the tunnel anymore? First I was diagnosed with #PapillaryThyroidCancer , (okay, lies, first it was Lyme disease.... that was wrong) - it's a slow growing lazy cancer they said. After my thyroidectomy, I was told that maybe it's a little worse than that, but it'll be okay still.

    The pathology report comes back that my cancer is tall-cell variant (TCV) with a BRAF mutation. This means that my is more aggressive, grows faster, and has a higher reoccurrence rate. Oh, and it's metastasized to a few lymph nodes, maybe further, we don't know yet.

    Variants and mutations, and now I'm waiting to schedule radiation. I do research, cause I've learned through this process that I have to know all the facts, I have to know what all the pathways are in front of me. Somehow that knowledge makes me feel like I have even a tiny bit of control over my own health. I'm in a pretty small percentage, and every time I receive results back, that percentage seems to get smaller. Unfortunately it's not the same percentage as the x-men, and the radiation won't turn me into a superhero either.

    So then some bloodwork comes back, and my levels are all off. And I can tell, it's easy for me to notice when I'm in a hypothyroid state. My tumor markers are much higher than they should be post surgery. Another sign of an aggressive, mutated, variant, metastasized, not going to go away forever monster inside my body. But maybe for a little bit I'll get a break from it, maybe the radiation will work, maybe the whole body scan will show it hasn't spread past my lymph nodes... maybe. That's the dim light I'm seeing right now.