I can't even tell you how awful I am since our texts.
What I've done to myself
How much I've cried.

I don't want to talk
I don't want anything from you
I just want you to know this is why I stay away from you bc even after a lifetime you have no regard for my physical or mental well being and you destroy me every time you play your stupid fucking games with me.

Sick to my stomach
Mixing alcohol and drugs
Wondering if I won't wake up
This how ppl die I know
I stand this close to the fire bc my heart is broken and my mind is gone
The pain I feel today in my legs has only worsened.
My last night in a place of peace and rest - destroyed
By the woman who says she loves me but acts like she hates me

This is why I stay away

You make me sick #NarcissisticMother