I am a 48 years old female who has been (vaguely) diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 5 and 1/2 years ago and with long-hauler Covid just this year. They overlap a lot, but I believe I know my body enough to decent most of the differences between the 2.
But, today, I was quilting with my church group, (I'm a pastor's wife and I thought it wise to get to know our congregation better and participate in things I enjoy-sewing). I divulged to them my health issues, but was cut short by an elderly lady (most of the ladies could be my mother) by saying, "Well, that's just part of getting old and you just have to accept it." I took offense. I didn't let it show then, but this hurt my heart. I went from being a full capable teacher, mother, daughter, friend to feeling like an invalid in a matter of months (years because of gong from doctor to doctor to find out what this was.) No, fibromyalgia didn't happen overnight, but it feels like it was, like a door was slammed in my face. I used to walk, run, dance, bike and swim without much effort, to spending days in bed recouping from just everyday life.
There are just some individuals out there that just don't get how frustrating this is.
I just needed to vent. Thank you for being here to listen.