After seven years, and two attempts. The first being in 2000, and the second beginning in 2012. I graduated from college this last Saturday at the age of 38 becoming part of the class of 2019. I obtained a Bachelors in Art with a concentration in painting from the University of Maine at Augusta. To some This might not seem like a huge accomplishment. The significance is still sinking in to me. However, the significance of it is magnified when since birth you have been diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy focused on the weaker left side of the body, later adding Agenesis of the corpus callosum and 1/3 of the brain matter missing on the left side and even later being diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum along with trauma from a less than ideal school experience from kindergarten through high school. I have always been artistic especially with automotive subjects from the age of six. My journey through school leading up to college was more difficult than a trip to throw in a ring into Mount Doom. However my college experience was much different. I don’t outwardly present myself as having disabilities, and it takes a trained individual to notice and many didn’t. Make no mistake, It was hard at times. There, I found out that I am mildly shade blind. Etc... On a lighter note, from the get go the art community at UMA was very inclusive. I made friends who I kept in contact with even after they graduated. I was lucky as my family supported everything I did in school or had to do. Now, this leads me to my final point. if you want something go for it. Despite what you have to do to achieve it.. DO IT ! Nothing good is ever easy but the reward is worth it. #artist #lookmaigraduated