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    My Impending Doom (non-suicidal)

    When I was around the age of 31, I had a dream that I wouldn't make it past 36. It has strangely stuck with me all these years and now I'm 34 and in less then half a year will be 35. I can't shake this feeling of early death. To be frank, I tried to take my life at 12 and had no plans of making it to 20. Then James (my husband) came into my life and that all changed. I've always felt like I was on borrowed time, like I was supposed to die, but something went wrong. I also sometimes feel like I'm still that 12 year old slowly dying and my life up to this point has been in the head of my preteen self. Is it just old habits of mine? I can't get rid of this cloud of death that sits over the horizon. And I am slowly nearing it and have still so much to do. (Finishing writing my books. Get my art out somewhere other than local) #Depression #Death #Suicide #Love #writer #Hope #artist

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    When i was re-listing to a #artist music i used to listien to all the time. It just brought back my old emotions and feelings and negative things all over again. You understand your mind just goes back to stuff. Some things you don't always wanna remmeber. It was a time when my #Depression was higher and #darkthoughts . So yeahMaybe one time i can go back and listien to that music again. Or maybe sometimes we can't go back we need to move on/forward.

    Today was a sunny day. It was warm but now it's a little chilly.

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    I’m new in this group and wanted to say Hi!! I use my art as a safe place, my happy space to go to where my brain quiets down!!! I have enjoyed some of the artwork and positivity I have seen!! This is one of my more recent paintings that helped me get out of a really bad headspace I was in!!! #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #artist #Positivity

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    Happy Wednesday

    Happy Wednesday. #artist #mental health # pathways #Employment #ammends #

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    Beauty comes from chaos

    This my studio, yeah it’s messy but when I’m in there I’m in a trance. Sometimes I’m working on multiple projects simultaneously. I’m not in there all the time it depends on my mood. #messyartist #artist #crafts # #chaos

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    If you have e a Facebook I would love to connect with you 💜 #Autism #Autistic #artist #Art

    I would love to connect with you on Facebook I will sharing my Autism journey the good & the bad #Autism #Autistic #ChronicIllness

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    A Blooming Heart

    •I am not my past. I am not my mistakes.
    I am worthy. I am strong.
    A blooming heart this world could never harden•

    Painting I did last December. Words are from a poem I wrote. I hung this up today. Love the colors.

    #Art #painting #artist


    Art, stories and taking over the world

    My name is Gitta Mikk and I am proud of my mental illnesses. I am an artist and a writer and a brat. At least according to my mother.

    I’m just trying to recruit a band of awesome crazy badass neurodivergent weirdos who will read my stories and then come follow me in my quest to establish a dominant but gentle rule over the planet.
    Because we definitely deserve a chance to rule.

    I’ll be posting cheeky/semi-humorous stories that highlight the unique parts of Mental Health that touch my own life in a personal way and sharing experiences that I think are not uncommon for people with mental illnesses to experience in general.

    I will write and blog about my art as well because it is rooted and themed in neirodivergence! (We all love some pretty art right??)

    I’ll also likely post some random thoughts as they pop into my head to remind everyone to follow me if they would like to be a part of the coming revolution and join my Neurodivergent matriarchal reign.

    Follow MEEE my children!!
    #newstory #BipolarDisorder #DepressiveDisorders #ADHD #SchizoaffectiveDisorder #manicdepressive #MightyTogether #MightyMoms #MightyDads #CheckInWithMe #PTSD #BodyDysmorphicDisorder #EatingDisorders #positivethoughts #DistractMe #EndTheStigma #MentalHealth #MentalIllnessStigma #Schizophrenia #mentalhealthartist #AddictionRecovery #mentalhealthjournaling #mentalhealthconfession #Arts #painting #artist

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