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    #resilience #lotus #obstacles

    True resilience develops from a body and mind that have been carved out of challenge and failure

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    Love bugs

    No matter how I'm feeling these 2 don't react how humans would. They seem to know when I'm having a bad day. They'll give me the love and purrs to make me feel better. In that moment I do.
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    #b #mommaoftwo #lotus #Bipolartype2

    Wow! I am so happy I found this site. I have been trying to find a community of others with bipolar disorder that would embrace me with open arms. I have been struggling since around the time I was diagnosed at just thirteen years old. I am now twenty-seven and I mother of two. I have suffered significantly since having children; I have been hospitalized involuntarily twice since becoming a mom to my two toddler-aged children. I suffer from Type II, so I mostly deal with depression. I keep a mental health blog and it is extremely therapeutic to me. The blog address, for those interested, is thelotusletter.blogspot.com

    I am eager to hear all of your thoughts about Bipolar and your experiences. I am feeling truly grateful to be a part of this group.