As an autism mom im tired of seeing my sons heart broken....why can parents not teach their kids to accept and love EVERYBODY!!!!!!! Im tired of kids ignoring him when he says hey and basically acting like he doesnt even son cannot understand ( nor can i being a neurotypical adult) why kids wont play with have bullied my child simply because hes son doesnt understand by me not allowing him to play with the kids that bully him i am simply protecting a parent it is your JOBand DUTY to teach YOUR child that not everyone is the same and that there are some people out there that need a little more help in life than others and thats still try to be that persons friend... Im tired of my son being misunderstood and seeing him upset because he cant understand all of this...rant over🤷 #autismmom #mamabearforlife #mysonjustwantsafriend #sickofseeingmysonupset #parentseducateyourkid (s)aboutspecialneedskids