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I am mighty

I was not mighty when I begun
My son made me one

His autism taught me to fight
With all my might

And here I am telling his story today,
And making sure the world knows it’s okay

I am mighty because I persisted and I persevere
And I know that with my son by my side I have nothing to fear

The future is his and to make that happen relentless I need to be
And so I am, strong, fearless and mighty

#mighty #Autism #autismmom

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I don't know how to "blog" but i guess ill give it a shot.. I'm CAT.. Hello everyone! I am a pagan, basket case, mom of 4. I have 2 boys and 2 girls. The girls are the new ones. I have only recently gained custody of them. 11 and 8.. man. I have been a boy mom for 14 years. I am also not very feminine . My husband of 9 years and his missing clothing would agree. It has been a tough adjustment so far. All in all I think we have it covered! HAHA I WISH! I have no idea what I'm doing. Not a clue.. My boys are 14 and 5. The teenager is an ass with his fathers temper and my 5 year old is an Autistic god sent from the heavens to challenge and teach me how to be better at.. well, just life in general. .hahah.. Keep in mind that I'm not your everyday suburban mom with a starbucks coffee and leggings.. I'm the one covered in tattoos and piercings. The you will most likely spot on your morning run, snagging the bones of dead animals, and making magic with my new found pagan daughters on the side of your hiking trail.. I'm from the hood but have a soul of a 600 year old witch with a backache... My mind is wise even though I'm a a basket case. I'm a libra so I guess that makes me a good listener... Animals are my thing as well. I have 2 American Bullies and will advocate them 'til the death of me. DON'T BULLY MY BREED! My most recent, Ms. AveryJade is the star of a business venture for my husband and I. But that is enough about me!. idk how I'm gonna handle all this. It has been tough. But I believe everything happens for a reason. Some too sensitive to discuss atm, but I'm sure we'll figure it out. Who knows maybe ill meet a couple of people here to share my adventures into this new world with. Don't be afraid to hit me up.. I'm literally stuck in the house all day making potions that allow me to summon the dead to do my bidding. I vibe with anyone who's able to vibe with me.. It is a weird vibe. I promise. Just know it will be just like woody and buzz.. After a while, even though you believe me to be from a distant planet, you will realize you've got a friend in me.. Yes. I sung it.. You're judging.. BYE #Blog #lifegetshard #autismmom #Momlife #mom #weirdo #letstalk #InsideTheMighty

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They joy is in the journey.

Even though my autistic son and I have always took the road less traveled, it has been one hell of a ride. #AutismAdvocacy #autismmom #Neurodiversity

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Elephants #Anxiety #autismmom #alone

I've never received a clinical diagnosis of anxiety, but I know what this beast is. This herd of elephants trampoline jumping in my chest. The flutter that makes my insides knot up.

I'm a mom of a great kiddo with autism, but his GI issues have been tough. Since February of last year we've pretty much been a little unit, him and I. And he and I have had 3 almost week long hospital stays during the pandemic. It's been tough.

Before the pandemic I was really social. Kids' dad started commercial truck driving DURING the pandemic, so I'm even more housebound (my kiddo isn't always super tolerant of masks due to sensory issues). But I've learned about me.

I mask really well. I'm a freaking chameleon. I am so good at masking that I fooled myself. I'm a stressed out anxiety mess. I'm trying to cope with marital issues, my kiddo's health issues, supporting his neurological growth, a toxic relationship with another family member, fears about another family member's health (screw you cancer), my process in getting my teaching credential, my own physical and emotional health, and now all of these freaking elephants (anxiety) have decided it's time to party. I am wiped out. My sleep habits are shot.

But taking baby steps. I started a devotional called "Anxiety Elephants", and so far it's helping. I took a part time job for the summer with my local history museum (weekends so kids dad can be with my little guy), but I'm dealing now with anger at myself.

I didn't realize how much of my life I've adapted to other people's wants. "Good Old Reliable " seemed to be my first name.

I'm done. I want to burn that image. Destroy it. I don't want to be in this tiny cage of elephants jumping on my chest, stampeding in my brain until I'm a wreck. So I started just writing short phrases of things I want out of my life. When weather permits, I'll be burning those little painful bits. My plan is to be a Phoenix, and be reborn, stronger and more bad-aleck than ever.

Time to go get the matches. Time to call a ringmaster. Burning the bad feelings and sending the elephants to their own show, fast away from my brain.

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Emotional Wellbeing in Parent Caregivers

My new book Day by Day: Emotional Wellbeing in Parents of Disabled Children is published on Friday 7th May.

I felt the wellbeing of parent carers was rarely considered by professionals, society or even the parents themselves.

I have been researching emotional wellbeing for the last four years. As a Counselling Psychologist and Parent Carer to my son, I wanted to share what I’ve learnt along the way to:

🌿 ensure no one felt alone in their difficulties

🌿 give voice to the many difficult emotions Parent Carers can experience, often all at the same time. It really is a rollercoaster

🌿 share what other parent carers find useful

🌿 bring the research, which is often inaccessible, to parents
#parentcarers #Caregiving #Caregivers #Caregiversupport #Caregiverstress #parentcarerwellbeing #specialneedsparents #autismmom #SpecialNeeds #SpecialNeedsFamilies #SpecialNeedsParent

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Our experience of horse riding therapy & Autism #Autism #ridingtherapy #Autistic #autismmum #autismmom

Sam is 9 now. He’s got classic Autism, sensory processing disorder, PICA &profound learning disabilities. Sam’s a sensory seeker and will seek out sensory feedback almost constantly. Sometimes this is via screaming, while other times it’s bouncing, rocking, flapping, jumping or spinning.

When a friend shared a photo of her Autistic grandson at a riding therapy session, I knew I had to try it for Sam. So I rang Foxfields Therapeutic Riding Centre and got Sam booked in.

He’s been attending once a week, for about 4 months now. During that time, Sam’s confidence on the ponies has grown massively. He is also a lot calmer for the first 2/3 days following his session.

Sam has absolutely no interest in animals usually. He ignores our 2 dogs until they annoy him. Despite this, Sam took a shine to the horses almost immediately. I really didn’t expect Sam to take to it as well as he did, but he’s really surprised me.

If you’re considering attending a riding therapy centre, check to make sure they have horses which are confident with riders of your ability - (or the person doing the session). Some ponies can only carry people under 59kg for example, so wouldnt he suitable for larger riders.

Check for testimonials online too, especially from riders with additional needs. There are a lot of riding schools now offering special needs sessions, but they may have no actual experience or training specifically for clients with disabilities.

Sam spent the first 3 lessons in the arena. He mastered walking and trotting pretty quickly. By 4, he was ready for his first local hack. Sam seemed to love riding through the woods and along country lanes.

In my opinion, therapeutic riding sessions have helped Sam (and me by default) massively. So if somewhere close to you is offering these sessions, it’s well worth giving them a call. Many of them offer a free trial class, which is what I did with Sam. So definitely ask if they do any taster sessions.

Finally, therapy and 1–1 sessions are allowed to continue, despite being back in lockdown now.

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As an autism mom im tired of seeing my sons heart broken....why can parents not teach their kids to accept and love EVERYBODY!!!!!!! Im tired of kids ignoring him when he says hey and basically acting like he doesnt even son cannot understand ( nor can i being a neurotypical adult) why kids wont play with have bullied my child simply because hes son doesnt understand by me not allowing him to play with the kids that bully him i am simply protecting a parent it is your JOBand DUTY to teach YOUR child that not everyone is the same and that there are some people out there that need a little more help in life than others and thats still try to be that persons friend... Im tired of my son being misunderstood and seeing him upset because he cant understand all of this...rant over🤷 #autismmom #mamabearforlife #mysonjustwantsafriend #sickofseeingmysonupset #parentseducateyourkid (s)aboutspecialneedskids


What is the best night light projector with sound effects for kids? #Autism #nightterrors #SensoryProcessingDisorder

For the past few weeks my five year has been more sensitive to sound . He can hear someone walking past our door and run to hide. During the day it is manageable but at night it gets worse. I ask him what’s wrong he tells me he keeps hear weird things and he doesn’t like it. So I have to keep the tv on for the light and a little background noise. Now what to see if there is a night light projector with a sound machine that can ease his might at night. #Autism #autismmom #Anysuggestions

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This boy keeps me going. He has saved me more times than he realizes. This is what keeps me here. #autismmom #Anxiety #Depression